WIMMIC - A New Fabless RF/MW MMIC Design House in Europe

WIMMIC - A New Fabless RF/MW MMIC Design House in Europe

Wireless Innovative MMIC (WIMMIC) is a new fabless RF and microwave MMIC design house based in the Canary Islands, Spain and Harwell, United Kingdom. WIMMIC is focused on the design of standard or custom MMICs for any required application in different technologies, such as GaN and GaAs. The company is a part of the Celestia Technologies Group. It received funding from Horizon 2020 EU Framework Program for Research and Innovation under SME Instrument program. WIMMIC also received funding from the European Regional Development Fund through EATIC 2018 – ACIISI Programme, Government of the Canary Islands.

With strong ties to the Academia and R&D through the Institute for Applied Microelectronics (IUMA), WIMMIC performs cost-effective custom designs to clients' specific requirements. WIMMIC provides solutions for applications from next-generation phased array antennas to long range radar systems and advanced aerospace and satellite communications.

They are ISO-certified for the Design of Radiofrequency Integrated Circuits (RFIC) and MMIC. WIMMIC has also been certified as an Innovative SME by the Government of Spain.

WIMMIC has successfully delivered high-performance chip designs into full production and has relationships with world-class MMIC foundries. They use their experience in Telecommunications, Space and Defense to tackle custom design of integrated circuits in any industry that requires miniaturization of electronic high-frequency systems.

Product categories available from WIMMIC includes:

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