Metanoia Raises Funds to Develop Chipsets for the Growing 5G Market

Metanoia Raises Funds to Develop Chipsets for the Growing 5G Market

Metanoia Communications Inc. (Metanoia), a manufacturer of high-speed xDSL/G. fast chipsets for the wireline broadband market has announced that it has raised a new round of funding to spearhead its 5G Strategy. 5G solutions are rapidly moving beyond just providing indoor coverage within buildings or arenas to become the strategic enablers of outdoor network densification for Services Providers. Metanoia's first 5G product, the MT3812, is a 2x2 5G-NR RF transceiver chip, targets the emerging 5G market. It will be becoming the key component in strengthening the Service Providers' 5G deployments.

"Our strategic decision to diversify into the 5G market has become a reality with the introduction of a new 5G product, MT3812, a 5G-NR RF chip", said Mr. Yeh, Metanoia Chairman of the Board. "This fresh new round of funding will benefit Metanoia to strengthen this important strategy."

"This 5G-NR RF transceiver will address the growing market for 5G Remote Radio Units (RRUs), Small Cells and Customer Premises Equipment (CPEs)," said Didier Boivin, Metanoia Executive Vice President. "By launching a series of 5G chips, Metanoia aims to extend its leadership position in the Broadband Wireline markets to the new and burgeoning 5G market, with the goal of offering a complete portfolio of products that offers comprehensive value to our customers."

"Metanoia has combined state of the art systems architecture and algorithm expertise to create complex system on chip (SOC) solutions. This new 5G-NR RF chip (MT3812) brings a high-quality solution for the booming 5G applications. As such, it is with our great pleasure to participate in this round of Metanoia's fund-raising together with National Development Fund and Elan Microelectronics Corporation (2458, TW)" said David Weng, General manager of Taiwania Capital. "New 5G products from Metanoia like MT3812 5G-NR RF transceiver brings customers the flexibility and cost-effectiveness needed to meet the market demands."

Metanoia's MT3812 is a cost-effective Sub 6 GHz TDD 2x2 RF transceiver with tiny 9x9 mm QFN68 footprints, which supports 200 MHz Bandwidth in both Transmit and Receive modes. It is a highly integrated multi-band programmable and self-calibrated product supporting three of the most popular bands: n90: 2.5 GHz – 3.0 GHz, n77: 3.3 GHz – 4.2 GHz, and n79: 4.2 GHz – 5.0 GHz.  MT3812 is designed to interface with any I/Q baseband chip, with significant features such as high dynamic range on its low noise receive chains and high linearity on its low noise transmit chains.

MT3812 Customer Engineering Samples will be available around the end of October 2021, and Production Samples will be available at the end of Q1 in 2022.

Metanoia will provide Hardware and Software Development Kits (HDK and SDK) to accelerate time to market for customers. Hardware and Software value-added services would also be offered to customers looking for specific support, including features, designs, tuning, or customization.

Metanoia will also offer support to customers in implementing additional features like Digital Pre-Distortion / Crest Factor Reduction (DPD/CFR) as per the PA selected. With this approach, the same system board can be used along with different RF Front Ends, thereby enabling customers to quickly meet requirements in different markets without the time, effort, and cost of redesigning the whole system.

Click here to learn more about the MT3812 from Metanoia.

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