Fibocom Showcases 5G AIoT Wireless Communication Solutions at SIDO 2021

Fibocom Showcases 5G AIoT Wireless Communication Solutions at SIDO 2021

Fibocom participated in the 2021 SIDO event from September 22 to 23, showcasing its 5G AIoT wireless communication solutions and cellular modules to the industry experts.

An estimated 36 billion objects will be connected worldwide in 2030, according to research done by Bearing Point, and the market is expected to grow rapidly, reaching €920 billion in 2022. During the exhibition, Fibocom presented the AAEON 5G Edge Compute Enabling Kit featuring Fibocom’ 5G module FM150, the latest 5G FWA solution embedded with Fibocom’s 5G module FG360, and the Smart POS solution empowered by Fibocom’s smart module SQ808.

AAEON UP Squared Pro Edge Compute Enabling Kit Embedded with Fibocom FM150

Integrated with Fibocom’s 5G module FM150, the edge compute enabling kit is able to provide speed, intelligence and flexibility to industrial-level IoT applications, unleashing the future of industrial automation and AI vision with 5G connectivity. Supporting 5G standalone network (SA) and non-standalone (NSA) network architectures, Fibocom’s FM150 module supports 5G NR Sub-6 band, which can seamlessly enable a wide range of IoT applications, such as 4K/8K HD livestreaming, Industrial IoT (IIoT), C-V2X, smart grid, smart home, telemedicine, UAV, AR/VR and more.

5G FWA Solution Embedded with Fibocom’s 5G Module FG360

The numbers and types of 5G devices announced and launched has increased rapidly, among which FWA CPE account for the second largest proportion. 5G FWA CPE, with an average marketed speeds of 648 Mbps, has become one of the main options for operators worldwide to develop home broadband services. Fibocom’s 5G module FG360 has taken the lead in the 5G FWA CPE market, supporting 5G NR Sub-6 band with up to 4.67 Gbps on the downlink and 1.25 Gbps on the uplink, empowering a wide range of IoT applications including FWA (CPE, ODU, gateway, router), MIFI, etc. The module has been successfully certified by FCC, CE, PTCRB and T-Mobile.

Smart POS Solution Embedded with Fibocom’s Smart Module SQ808

The demand of smart modules rises when there is an increasing need for the redesign of older payment terminals, to comply with new financial and data security regulations, protecting consumer privacy. Smart IoT modules embedded in smart payment terminals enable quick and safe transactions over cellular networks anywhere anytime. Fibocom’s SQ808 is a LTE Cat 4 smart module designed with open Android operating system. It supports LTE-FDD/LTE-TDD frequency band and is backward compatible with WCDMA/ GSM network standards, as well as Wi-Fi/ Bluetooth short-distance wireless transmission technologies. The module is suitable for smart devices such as smart POS, cash registers, robots, UAVs, smart homes, security monitoring and multimedia terminals.

SIDO - a B2B event in Europe covering IoT, AI, Robotics and XR technologies - is bringing innovations and intelligent connected projects together in one place. In the past week, 250 exhibitors have attended and 60 conferences been successfully held, with 180 speakers presenting their unique solutions to the IoT community.

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