MPI Introduces 200 mm Automated Probe System for THz Applications

MPI Introduces 200 mm Automated Probe System for THz Applications

MPI is offering its 200 mm TS2000-IFE THZ-Selection automated probe system. The THZ-Selection is a dedicated RF, mmW, THz and load-pull probe station that doesn't compromise on measurement directivity across a wide operating temperature range from -60 to 300 ºC. It is based on MPI's most versatile 200 mm platform - the TS2000-IFE series.

The automated testing of 200 mm wafers is carried out by:

  • Eliminating the need for additional S-band waveguides, especially in sub-THz or THz range,
  • Minimizing the signal path for load-pull applications and offering the widest tuning range
    and highest gamma,
  • Easy and convenient operation while changing between frequency bands.

MPI's proprietary IceFreeEnvironment technology allows the THZ-Selection to operate at negative temperatures with the help of MicroPositioners and probe cards. This test system is able to provide wafer-level reliability with its integrated prober control with programmable microscopic movements. The active vibration isolation buffers out the occurrence of vibrational errors during the testing process. These features enable automated tests without any room for error and with verifiable accuracy.

The MPI TS2000-IFE THZ-Selection incorporates MPI's innovative design of frequency extender integration which hovers the extender over the entire 200 mm wafer. The design of the THZ-Selection was initially developed for the MPI TS200-THZ.

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