MVG Introduce Dual Polarized Probes for Spherical Near-Field Measurement

MVG Introduce Dual Polarized Probes for Spherical Near-Field Measurement

Microwave Vision Group (MVG) has introduced Dual Polarized Probes for spherical near-field measurement, suitable for FF measurements, calibration and polarization reference. Probes and feeds are microwave sensors dedicated to test ranges for the characterization of antennas and other devices under test. Their specifications are tailored to a particular measurement range and technique used, either based on near-field or far-field methods.

Developments in probe technology and orthomode junctions (OMJ) have enabled near- and far-field probes to achieve over an octave of bandwidth while maintaining high performance standards similar to traditional narrow-band probes.

Dual-linear polarization

The integrated orthomode junction of dual-polarized probes allow simultaneous acquisition of the orthogonal field components, thereby speeding up the measurement process. MVG probes do not require complex positioners and have a minimum impact on the overall measurement accuracy because no mechanical rotation is required to change polarization.

Fewer probes and wider bandwidth

Reducing the number of probes required to perform a wideband test has many advantages. Probe interchanging during a wideband test will modify the measurement conditions over the frequency band. Conversely, a single wideband probe preserves the measurement accuracy and allows an uninterrupted sweep, thereby shortening the measurement time.

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