Ultra Launches Hawk IFF, the Next Gen Mission-Critical, High-Reliability IFF System

Ultra Launches Hawk IFF, the Next Gen Mission-Critical, High-Reliability IFF System

Ultra has released a new line of flight-ready products, representing the next evolution of mission-critical, high-reliability RF systems. The Hawk™ IFF micro Identification Friend or Foe system, the Ultra 4504 Radar Altimeter (RALT 4504), and a new line of Digital Flight Termination Receivers (DFTRs) all provide upgraded and advanced technological capabilities for a wide variety of airborne platforms and munitions systems.

"Ultra’s long 30-plus year legacy and strong pedigree of bringing trusted, mission-critical RF solutions to market is our motivation for continued innovation," said Dan Pikora, president of Ultra’s Specialist RF business unit. "These new solutions offer miniaturization capabilities that will help systems integrators upgrade the performance of their platforms while saving space and power for other critical components."

“Ultra’s special RF design and test capabilities have also brought these designs to new and emerging platforms,” Pikora added. “Ultra is proud to partner with our customers on adapting our technologies to the stringent requirements of hypersonic operational and target platforms.”

The new HAWK IFF is a radar-based identification system designed for command and control (C2). Hawk IFF delivers all the performance of traditional IFF transponders in a fraction of the space. Small enough to fit in your hand and weighing less than eight ounces, it can fly on Class II UAS and up, as well as any fixed or rotary wing aircraft. Its small size frees up valuable space for other critical equipment. Like any full-size IFF, it uses a transponder that listens for an interrogation signal, then sends a response that identifies the broadcaster.

The RALT 4504 is a low-cost, all-weather system that meets the high-performance requirements of both manned and unmanned systems. RALT 4504 is a direct drop-in replacement for the previous generation system, offering improved range and power output performance in the same form fit.

The new line of Digital Flight Termination Receivers, including the HFTR60-3 and HFTR60-4 models, are next-generation programmable, digital FTRs that use advanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP) techniques for its mission. Like the RALT 4504, the new DFTRs offer enhanced performance in the same form fit and include the latest in components, circuitry and modern production processes to meet or exceed stringent environmental, EMI and reliability requirements.

The Precision Strike Sensor Core (PSSC) enables first-strike success. Ultra has developed an advanced programmable transceiver to facilitate radar frequency guidance and control as well as in-flight data link communications for conventional munitions, including projectiles and powered rockets.

“These highly specialized solutions have been developed in close consultation with key customer requirements,” Pikora said. “Given our longstanding history in this market, our customers can feel confident in our wealth of knowledge and experience in range safety, range qualification, high-control designs and long-term parts management program requirements.”

Ultra is showcasing these capabilities at the ITC show in Las Vegas from Oct. 25-28.

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