Aaronia Introduces Rack Mounted Remote Real-time Spectrum Analyzer

Aaronia Introduces Rack Mounted Remote Real-time Spectrum Analyzer

Aaronia has announced the first rendering of a new 19" rack mount remote real-time spectrum analyzer. This analyzer will offer the same features and technical data as the SPECTRAN V6 X series but includes up to 2 SPECTRAN V6 units now offering 500 MHz RTBW plus a powerful PC and lots of memory.

The analyzer will be available with two 10G Ethernet ports for up to 500MHz remote IQ streaming. It will be available in front mount and rear mount configurations and will have SMA/N Type coaxial connectors.

The SPECTRAN® V6 X Series is the the world's first 6 GHz (opt. 8GHz) USB spectrum analyzer with dual USB true I/Q streaming of up to 245 MHz (via 2xUSB) instantaneous bandwidth (complex I/Q). It offers an extremely small POI (Probability Of Intercept) of up to 10ns and thus captures even extremely short signals. Furthermore, the SPECTRAN® V6 X integrates a vector signal generator/tracking generator with a modulation bandwidth of up to 120 MHz (opt. 245 MHz). Any number of devices can be cascaded to achieve an even higher real-time bandwidth. This rack mount solution consists of two SPECTRAN® V6 X analyzers to provide a real-time bandwidth of 500 MHz.

This product is not yet available and was posted on Aaronia's Linkedin page. We will keep you posted on any new developments.

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