Gel-Pak Wins East Bay Innovation Award for its Semiconductor Protection Technology

Gel-Pak Wins East Bay Innovation Award for its Semiconductor Protection Technology

Gel-Pak, a division of Delphon, was honored with an East Bay Innovation Award for its new Lid/Clip Super System LCS2.  More than 200 nominees from across Northern California's Alameda and Contra Costa Counties were highlighted at an awards ceremony held October 14, 2021, during which the winners were announced.

Developed in partnership with global military electronics manufacturer BAE Systems, Gel-Pak's LCS2 product protects thin semiconductor and compound semiconductor chips by preventing them from migrating out of the pockets of waffle pack chip trays during shipping and handling.

"More than ever before, given the ongoing chip shortage, every chip counts, so protecting these delicate devices during transport is crucial," said Joseph Montano, President of Delphon. "Our novel LCS2 system is invaluable to chipmakers, as it helps prevent them from losing millions of dollars in damage and yield loss, as well as the costs they would incur for rework or re-manufacturing."

Home to such companies as Tesla and Lawrence Livermore Lab, the East Bay (named for its location east of San Francisco) has a track record of innovation. The East Bay Economic Development Department launched the awards program in 2013 to showcase outstanding organizations in the region that embrace innovation in their manufacturing, products, services, design, and information.

This year's list of nominees was reviewed by subject matter experts and narrowed down to 20 finalists in 10 competitive categories, including Engineering and Design – the category for which the LCS2 product was chosen the winner.

Click here to learn more about Gel-Pak's LCS2 technology.

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