Signal Hound Adds RF Mapping and Drive Test Features to its Spectrum Analyzer Software

Signal Hound Adds RF Mapping and Drive Test Features to its Spectrum Analyzer Software

The engineering team Signal Hound is constantly updating its Spike software to add in new features and capabilities. Recently, they added an incredible new feature to Spike - RF Mapping for drive and walk test solutions. This is now part of the ever-growing list of free tools included in the software package. Earlier this Fall, the team surveyed RF professionals and asked them what they wanted in an RF Mapping solution. They analyzed the survey and applied that feedback to this latest release of Spike.

This new update allows for network coverage testing, as well as modeling of wireless performance on outdoor installations. That’s not all, this feature covers mapping and analysis of indoor DAS systems too. You can import a map of the area you are surveying, and GPS coordinate measurements will be displayed on it. Once you’ve collected your data, you can easily export and share measurement points in a simple CSV, or in KML format.

RF Mapping is a game-changer for Spike. It has particular applications to Field Techs and Mobile Engineers. The ability to capture and analyze wireless coverage and performance is so valuable in today’s networked world. With your free Spike software and a Signal Hound spectrum analyzer, you are a mobile data analysis hub with everything you need to ensure your systems are operating at peak functionality. Signal Hound's software engineers put together a fantastic real-world feature to illustrate just how useful and practical RF mapping can be.

Spike is Signal Hound’s spectrum analyzer software, compatible with the entire line of Signal Hound spectrum analyzers and tracking generators. Providing full device control, a configurable spectrogram display and user interface, and a variety of analysis modes, Spike is the perfect application for powerful and affordable RF analysis.

Click here to learn about the detailed step-by-step walkthrough of how to achieve RF mapping on the go.

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