TUALCOM Introduces World’s Smallest Anti-Jam GPS/GNSS CRPA System

TUALCOM Introduces World’s Smallest Anti-Jam GPS/GNSS CRPA System

TUALCOM has developed the TUALAJ 4100 Mini, the world’s smallest anti-jam GPS/GNSS system. The system eliminates interference by applying novel beamforming techniques and supports critical missions by providing jam free GNSS signals. With a 4-array CRPA antenna, the system can assure the normal operation of a GNSS receiver in presence of multiple jamming sources.

The system has an embedded GNSS receiver (GPS L1/Galileo E1/SBAS) and is compatible with all types of external GPS receivers and vehicle navigation systems. It has an internal GNSS tracking sensitivity of -164 dBm and provides a nominal wideband suppression of more than 40 dB. The system requires a DC supply voltage of 5 V and consumes less than 6 W of power.

TUALCOM's Anti-Jam GNSS CRPA System can be employed in various configurations and operates with civil and military GPS receivers for the land, sea, air platforms (including unmanned aerial systems) and fixed installations. The product has an embedded GNSS receiver. The wide bandwidth of the system also enables SBAS signals to the GNSS receiver.

The system can be provided with various types of antennas. Physical solutions for further suppression performance such as elevation masking can also be provided as antenna options.

Key Featured of the TUALAJ 4100 Mini

  • Immediate availability for urgent operational needs
  • Simple assembly means easy to install or retrofit
  • Compatible with all types of external GPS receivers and vehicle navigation systems
  • Minimal integration training required
  • Light Weight
  • Ultra-Compact Size
  • Superior Suppression Performance
  • Embedded GNSS Receiver Option
  • Integrates easily into new or legacy platforms
  • Assured PNT

The TUALAJ 4100-MINI is available in a module that measures 7.2 x 7.2 x 2.275 cm with SMA-female connectors and supports Ethernet and Serial data interfaces. It is suitable for use in Fixed Winged Aircrafts, Rotary Wing Aircrafts, Guided Munitions, Unmanned Autonomous Systems, Armored Vehicles, Naval Platforms, Coast Guard Platforms, Maritime Cybersecurity, Advanced Transportation Systems, Military Communications, Armored Trucks and Critical Asset Tracking.

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