Omniyig Develops Custom YIG Products for Mission Critical Applications

Omniyig Develops Custom YIG Products for Mission Critical Applications

Omniyig is a US-based manufacturer of custom YIG technology. Since 1973, they have been developing and delivering YIG-based solutions for EW, ECM, ECCM, jammers, radars and instruments in land, airborne, space and shipboard systems. The Omniyig product portfolio includes a full range of microwave limiters, detectors and comb generators as well as their military standard YIG tuned Filters, Oscillators, Multipliers and Front Ends. Designed for the most punishing environments, Omniyig’s components support test and mission critical applications like, offering high bandwidth and low noise.

Every order is custom built to the customer's requirement. Over the years they have developed thousands of YIG based products and thus are experts in this area. Their products have been built into ALQ-99, ALQ-117, ALQ-125, ALQ-133, ALQ-135, ALQ-172, ALR-56C, ALR-59, ALR-62, ALR-67, WLR-8, Rapport III - for platforms such as the F-15, F-16, F-18, EA-6B, F-111, EF-111, B-52, B1, B2 Stealth, C130, L-130, and more.

Omniyig's comprehensive YIG technology Portfolio Includes:

  1. Filters: Tunable/programmable digital or analog controlled bandpass, band reject and notch filters
  2. Oscillators: Tunable/programmable digital or analog controlled YIG oscillators
  3. Multipliers: Extreme purity, multi-octave YIG multipliers
  4. YIG-tuned Front-ends: Front-ends for ECM, octave and multi-octave discriminators, integrated local oscillator with pre-post-selector YIG filters
  5. YIG-tuned Harmonic Generator Source: 0.5 to 18.0 GHz integrated filter YIG module
  6. YIG-tuned Discriminators: Available in octave and multi-octave bands from 500 MHz to 18 GHz
  7. Microwave Detectors: Tunnel, Schottky & Zero Bias Schottky RF/microwave detectors
  8. Limiters: 0.1 to 18 GHz Schottky turn-on & pin diode RF/microwave limiters
  9. Comb Generators: Low harmonic conversion loss, high frequency RF comb generators

They have recently published a catalog that showcases some of the products they have developed and also gives users a sense of their capabilities. You can download this catalog to learn more about their products and capabilities when it comes to YIG Components.

Click here to download the Catalog.

Click here to learn more about Omniyig.

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