Blu Wireless Introduces mmWave 5G Networking Equipment with Fiber-Like Performance

Blu Wireless Introduces mmWave 5G Networking Equipment with Fiber-Like Performance

Blu Wireless, a provider of ultra-fast and seamless 5G mmWave solutions, has introduced the DN201SC – 2-sector mmWave networking equipment. Operating in the 57-71 GHz frequency band, the DN201SC provides end-users with fiber-like download speeds without the costly need to accommodate fiber-optic infrastructure.

The DN201SC uses a dual modem radio that enables quick set up of mmWave links, providing an efficient solution for demanding networking requirements. The wireless nodes are feature rich, high performing, and optimized for the most challenging environments.

With the DN201SC networking equipment, Blu Wireless offers the opportunity to set up low latency, multi-gigabit, networks using mmWave technology. It provides a typical throughput of 500 Mbps at a distance of up to 1 km and 2.8 Gbps for a distance up to 200 meters.

Key Features of the DN201SC:

  • IEEE 802.11ad with infrastructure extensions MCS0 to MCS12.5 (64QAM) modulation
  • Phased-array antennas with adaptive beam-steering
  • Sub-channelisation enabling robust co-existence in high density deployments
  • IP66 packaging for outdoor deployments
  • ARM-based network processor, Linux OS
  • Remote diagnostics and software upgrade
  • UKCA, CE and FCC Approved

Blu Wireless has a unique total system development capability provided through their vertically integrated solutions. The deep understanding of core silicon to system products means that control and optimization of their product from the radio up into the networking application layers sits entirely in-house, eliminating any complex communication paths for our customers and delivering a complete robust product.

The DN201SC has unique differentiators and versatility which makes it ideally suited for a variety of demanding applications in High-Speed Transport, Public Safety, Defence, Smart Cites, Industry 4.0 and 5G Backhaul.

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