This Radar Threat Simulator Helps Train Operators in Realistic EW Scenarios

This Radar Threat Simulator Helps Train Operators in Realistic EW Scenarios

Ultra, a specialist in providing application-engineered bespoke solutions for Electronic Warfare applications, has developed the RSS8000 Radar Threat Simulator that offers the latest integrated technologies for generating complex and accurate radar signals. Ultra believes the best way to protect platforms, people, assets and nations from Electronic Warfare (EW) is by Training operators in realistic EW equipment/scenarios and Improving/validating the performance of blue force systems against advanced enemy electronic threats. Effective electronic warfare training is becoming increasingly critical amid the demands of today’s operations. Equipping operators with the skills and understanding they need to successfully identify threats and take the appropriate evasive action, whatever the threat or scenario, is crucial to ensuring the success of missions whilst ensuring platform survivability and protecting people, nations and assets.

Available in a wide variety of modular constructions ranging from small portable units to large multisource, multichannel DF systems, the RSS8000 can be configured to meet all EW (electronic warfare) system test, evaluation, and training requirements.

The RSS8000 provides an optional integrated automatic mission data set verification capability that ensures mission readiness, improves accuracy and optimizes survivability by drastically reducing the time required for data set testing and verification, allowing Navy, Army and Air Force personnel to carry out safe and effective EW operational support activities. This advanced simulator has the capability to deliver both dynamic platform scenarios and static emitter scripts to suit all levels of emitter generation.

Sophisticated receiver antenna modeling is also supported for direct coupling into DF receivers. The RSS8000 is ideally suited for EW system test and evaluation applications and ELINT operator training. The systems are in widespread use by receiver designers, EW systems integrators, EW operational support (EWOS) groups and government agencies.

The RSS8000 provides an ideal tool for multi-SUT environments with dynamic partitioning of RF Sources and SUTs. This allows a multi-channel simulator to operate either as a single system with all the SUTs sharing a common scenario or as a group of independent parallel simulators for testing SUTs individually. Partitioning of unused elements is available without interruption to ongoing scenarios, allowing for maximum utilization of the equipment.

Such multi-user operation is also supported by the use of server based data storage, with secure permission based access to common and user specific data.

Key Features of RSS8000 Radar Threat Simulator

  • Comprehensive capabilities for EW receiver testing, avionics integration, operational support and ELINT training
  • Complex emitters and scenarios
  • 100 MHz to 40 GHz coverage
  • Amplitude, phase, DTOA DF
  • Windows GUI Software
  • Upgradeable modular design

Simulators like the RSS8000 help strengthen naval, air force, army and the defense industry’s electronic warfare testing, evaluation and training. Designed to be future-proof, EWST’s products benefit from a modular design that can be easily updated as operational requirements change, ensuring they remain a cost-effective solution over the long term.

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