InnoPhase IoT Introduces Ultra-Low-Power Wi-Fi+BLE5 Modules for Edge-of-Network IoT Devices

InnoPhase IoT Introduces Ultra-Low-Power Wi-Fi+BLE5 Modules for Edge-of-Network IoT Devices

InnoPhase, a fabless semiconductor company specializing in extremely low power wireless IoT solutions, announced the availability of Talaria TWO™ INP1014 and INP1015 Wi-Fi plus BLE5 modules. The modules combine wireless connectivity and an integrated microcontroller for edge-of-network IoT devices that require low power consumption and a direct-to-cloud connection.

The new modules build on the success of the award-winning INP1010 and INP1011 platforms. The platform expedites the development of smart IoT products such as connected sensors, security cameras, asset tracking devices, health monitoring wearables, audio speakers and many others.

The INP1014/1015 modules provide ultra-low power Wi-Fi connectivity with a unique, programmable, digital radio architecture. The platforms include multi-protocol Wi-Fi and BLE5-Long Range for wireless data transfer, an embedded Arm Cortex-M3 for system control and user applications, plus advanced security elements for device safeguards. They can operate in stand-alone mode, in conjunction with an external MCU, or in a hybrid mode. The new miniaturized form factor includes various antenna options and global certifications to exceed customers' expectations for more product innovation and extended battery life.

Key Features of the InnoPhase Low Power Sensor Board

  • Includes integrated sensors plus flexibility to connect a wide variety of external sensors
  • Direct connection to cloud services (Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, etc.)
  • Always connected mode for remote control and device management
  • Sleeping mode with periodic connection for ultra-long 5+ years of battery life

"By 2025, ABI Research expects the IoT Wi-Fi segment that can benefit from such low power innovations to reach over 1 billion devices," said Andrew Zignani, Principal Analyst, ABI Research. To showcase the ease of integrating the INP1014 and INP1015 into smaller IoT devices, InnoPhase developed a new Low Power Sensor Board reference design that enables product creativity and shortens time to market.

The company will continue to announce innovative hardware reference platforms, ADKs, and solutions integrating the Talaria TWO modules. The modules are available through their network of worldwide distribution partners.

Click here for more details on the Talaria TWO modules.

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