Smiths Interconnect Introduces X-Band Isolators & Circulators for Space and Defense Applications

Smiths Interconnect Introduces X-Band Isolators & Circulators for Space and Defense Applications

Smiths Interconnect, a leading provider of technically differentiated electronic components, subsystems, microwave and radio frequency products for demanding applications has introduced a broad range of microstrip isolators, circulators and coaxial components for the X-band.

Building on fifty years of experience, Smiths Interconnect’s X-Band microstrip and coaxial components are compact, high performance and space qualified. Several products of this offering are also used in terrestrial defense applications. 

Each device is optimized to operate over broad assigned frequency bands under the most rigorous conditions. The designs have been tested in accordance with customer specifications and qualified using a comprehensive suite of test facilities available in the company’s state-of-the-art test and qualification laboratory in Dundee, Scotland. Qualification comprises thermal shock and cycling, sine/random vibration, mechanical shock and, where appropriate, continuous waveform and peak power under TVAC, critical power and seeded multiplication. Summary and qualification data reports are available to prospective customers. Click here to learn more about the Space Qualification process.

Smiths Interconnect has been producing X-band isolators and circulators for over 50 years. Building on this experience we can offer a very broad range of products that specifically support space and defence radar and communications systems.” said Tullio Panarello, VP and General Manager of the Fibre Optics and RF Components Business Unit at Smiths Interconnect. “We strive for technical and operational excellence and work with customers to ensure that our products are perfect for their application needs. Each of the featured products has been designed to meet a specific set of requirements. Where these need to be changed (e.g., in the flange detail, orientation of a connector, direction of circulation, painting, etc.) we can easily accommodate this”, he added.

Smiths Interconnect’s X-band microstrip isolators and circulators have low mass and small size and very temperature stable. Designs are available with microstrip or co-planar waveguide (ground signal) interfaces. Microstrip isolators and circulators are intended to be used within a hybrid construction and must be wire bonded into the user’s circuit; they can be offered in a tape and reel form dependant on specifications. 

A coaxial interface is required Smiths Interconnect can offer equally compelling designs that are EMC and magnetically shielded by design and available in a miniature form factor which features connectors machined integral to the device housing.

All devices are offered as unconditional linear within their specified operating parameters.

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