Mini-Circuits Opens a New Office for Customer Support in Springfield, Missouri

Mini-Circuits Opens a New Office for Customer Support in Springfield, Missouri

Mini Circuits has announced the official opening of a new corporate office in Springfield, Missouri. The Springfield office will provide added capacity for the company’s growing customer support team, as well as greater convenience for team members already based in the area. Mini-Circuits’ nearby Branson, Missouri office has been a hub for North American customer service operations since 1990. The new location will serve as an extension of the Branson office and establish a broader nexus in the southwest Missouri region.

Expanding Mini-Circuits’ customer service organization is one of several strategic initiatives underway as the company scales to support evolving markets for RF/microwave technologies and a growing customer base. A corporate presence in Springfield offers key advantages of access to a vibrant metropolitan area and a deep talent pool from universities and the local professional community.

Mini-Circuits develops technology for some of the world’s most prominent and innovative companies in telecommunications, aerospace, defense, and other industries. Members of the company’s inside sales teams in Springfield and Branson serve critical functions in managing customer relationships and facilitating sales.

“Superior customer service is a big part of our vision to be a preferred supplier, and we know customers feel loyalty to Mini-Circuits because of the strong relationships they have with our inside sales members,” said Kim Sainato, who leads customer service in the Missouri offices. “We’re looking for professionals who can come in and proactively build those kinds of relationships with customers in our industry and really grow with the company.”

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