KYOCERA SLD Laser Demonstrates the World's Fastest LiFi System

KYOCERA SLD Laser Demonstrates the World's Fastest LiFi System

KYOCERA SLD Laser, a world leader in the commercialization of laser light sources, has announced the achievement of the world’s fastest LiFi system that delivers greater than 90 gigabits per second (90 Gbps), a data rate 100 times more than 5G. The company demonstrated this award-winning DataLight innovation for automotive and consumer applications at the Consumer Electronics Show from January 5 – 7, 2022.

Dr. James Raring, CEO of Kyocera SLD Laser stated that they are thrilled to announce KSLD’s achievement of world record LiFi data rate of 90 Gbps. To pioneer the future of lighting and wireless connectivity, their ultra-high-speed LiFi technology is eye-safe, impervious to ambient lighting, secure, efficient, and RF-free. KSLD is commercializing LiFi solutions for customers in mobility applications, automotive, and undersea, as well as RF-sensitive environments such as airplane cabins, smart factories, healthcare, secure government facilities, and smart cities.

KSLD’s DataLight LiFi innovation utilizes its award-winning dual-emission visible and infrared LaserLight sources. These sources enable customers to commercialize potent intelligent illumination systems including the functionality of spatially dynamic lighting, night vision illumination, accurate sensing and 3D LIDAR, as well as optical power transmission. DataLight engines can be configured for customer-specific applications and have exciting potential to be performance-optimized using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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