RF Semiconductor Market to Grow by $961 Million from 2020 to 2025

RF Semiconductor Market to Grow by $961 Million from 2020 to 2025

According to the recent market study by Technavio, the RF Semiconductor Market in Semiconductors Industry is expected to increase by USD $961.22 Million from 2020 to 2025, with an accelerated CAGR of 8.26%. The report provides a detailed analysis of drivers & opportunities, top winning strategies, competitive scenario, future market trends, market size & estimations, and major investment pockets.

The RF semiconductor market share growth in APAC will be significant during the forecast period. China, Japan, and South Korea (Republic of Korea) are the key markets for RF semiconductors in APAC. According to the report, this region will register the highest growth rate of 58% among the other regions.

The growing demand for RF devices from automotive applications will drive the RF semiconductor market growth in APAC during the forecast period. The demand for improved cellular networks from developing countries such as China, India, South Korea, Taiwan, and Malaysia is also a major factor driving the growth of the market in focus in APAC. Most of these nations are almost at their saturation point of 4G services and have started offering 5G services.

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RF Semiconductors Market Driver:

Increasing demand for RF devices for smartphones: The increasing penetration of smartphones is driving the demand for RF semiconductor devices. The demand for smartphones is likely to increase significantly during the forecast period owing to the development of high-speed network infrastructure. The proliferation of smartphones incorporating innovative technologies, such as augmented reality, gesture recognition, and voice recognition, will increase the need for high-speed communication networks.

RF Semiconductors Market Challenge:

The high production cost of RF semiconductors: RF semiconductors require high investments, as their manufacturing process is expensive compared with that of other semiconductors. Manufacturers need high-end equipment and advanced technologies to produce RF semiconductors. Moreover, the processes involved are also quite complex. This high investment requirement acts as an entry barrier for new vendors with limited funding. It also restricts existing vendors that aim to expand without a lot of financing options. Such factors will hinder the market growth.

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