Airgain adds New Multimax 5G Outdoor Antenna to its 5G Portfolio

Airgain adds New Multimax 5G Outdoor Antenna to its 5G Portfolio

Airgain, Inc., a provider of advanced wireless connectivity technology and systems, has announced the launch of a high performance antenna platform to meet the growing demand for 5G connectivity in fleet, industrial, and public safety applications. The Multimax 5G is an outdoor antenna with an OEM-style shark fin housing and a single mounting hole, making it the ideal combination of aesthetic and simplicity.

The Multimax 5G includes a rugged UV protected enclosure, multiple mounting options, and customizable cable, connector, and antenna configurations for maximum flexibility. Its true power, however, lies in its ability to scale to meet almost any connectivity need with up to seven elements. These include up to two cellular 5G antennas, up to three Wi-Fi 6E antennas, and an optional GNSS and LMR or Tetra Whip. In addition, two Multimax 5G antennas can be installed to support 4x4 MiMo 5G NR. The two antenna configuration gives higher isolation between antennas and increases diversity to improve the quality and reliability of a wireless link.

The Multimax 5G compliments the Centurion 5G platform in Airgain’s growing line of 5G offerings. The Centurion 5G was designed specifically to provide high performance LTE and 5G connectivity all in a single, robust and compact housing. It connects to almost any vehicular router or modem and is equipped with up to nine elements, including up to four high-gain cellular elements, up to 4 high gain tri-band Wi-Fi 6E elements, and an optional GNSS element.

“With the introduction of so many new 5G vehicle routers in the market, it was critical for us to provide flexibility to our customers to get the most out of the growing 5G infrastructure,” said Patrick Hibbs, Sr. Director of Product Marketing at Airgain. “If you need a single unit that integrates as many connections as possible, we offer Centurion 5G. If you have an application that needs the highest performance and can utilize two or more antennas to increase diversity, we offer Multimax 5G. Both provide the ultimate in high bandwidth connectivity.”

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