Mitsubishi Introduces the World's Smallest Antenna Prototype for Precise Satellite-based Positioning

Mitsubishi Introduces the World's Smallest Antenna Prototype for Precise Satellite-based Positioning

Mitsubishi Electric has announced that it has developed a prototype of the world's smallest antenna for high-precision satellite-based positioning in four frequency bands used by the world's main satellite-positioning systems and positioning-augmentation services. The highly compact antenna, which is expected to be installed in diverse vehicles and even drones, will accelerate high-precision satellite-based positioning for autonomous driving and many other applications.

Key Features of this Compact Antenna Module

Proprietary technology achieves world's smallest 4-band antenna for diverse vehicles

  • The antenna's two folded linear elements are wired three-dimensionally and symmetrically on each of four molded-resin layers, which are perpendicular to the module's horizontal surface. This unique design has resulted in the world's smallest four-band antenna for the high-precision satellite-based positioning of diverse autonomous vehicles, including drones and small tractors as well as automobiles.
  • The prototype's L1 bandwidth, which is about triple that of the company's existing model, is achieved with three-dimensional wiring and an antenna configuration optimized for space limitations. Also, the new antenna supports major positioning-satellite systems and positioning-augmentation worldwide.

A unique structure achieves multipath wave suppression for more precise positioning

  • Positioning precision is enhanced with the antenna's unique structure, which combines both straight and loop elements to reduce back lobe radiation, thereby suppressing multipath waves reflected from the ground.
  • Compactness and multipath wave suppression are achieved without increasing the antenna's size, unlike conventional multipath-wave suppression methods.

Antenna Specifications

New antennaCompany A'sCompany B'sCompany C's
Size (including case)Horizontal surface59 x 59 mm140 x 140 mm160 mm diameter76 mm diameter
Height33 mm62 mm60 mm35 mm

Future Development

Going forward, Mitsubishi Electric will research practical applications by evaluating the prototype's positioning precision in outdoor trials.

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