FormFactor Introduces Cheaper and Faster Cryogenic Test Service for Superconducting Qubit Characterization

FormFactor Introduces Cheaper and Faster Cryogenic Test Service for Superconducting Qubit Characterization

FormFactor has announced a new cryogenic test service business model designed to accelerate quantum computing IC development and characterization. Quantum developers can now leverage FormFactor’s state-of-the-art Advanced Cryogenic Lab located at Boulder, Colorado, to characterize qubits and resonators using cryostats with probe sockets to accelerate development cycles by more than 2X, with no up-front capital investment.

The Advanced Cryogenic Lab features an integrated measurement solution developed by FormFactor and Keysight for pre-screening qubit devices at 50 millikelvin. Quantum system engineers can now collect critical qubit performance data to quickly eliminate sub-optimal devices before integrating them into quantum computers, enabling more effective utilization of expensive dilution refrigerators. In addition, FormFactor’s innovative cryogenic probe interface replaces the current process of wire bonding a chip to a test board, eliminating days of sample preparation time. The process is described in a recent case study with a leading superconducting qubit developer using FormFactor’s Model 106 ADR (Adiabatic Demagnetization Refrigerator) Cryostat and PQ500 Probe Socket, as well as Keysight’s PXI-based Quantum Control System with Labber control software.

“This is an excellent example of combining Keysight’s Quantum Control System with cryogenic systems and probes like FormFactor’s to capture pertinent data to accelerate quantum computing development cycles,” said Liz Ruetsch, General Manager of Quantum Engineering Services at Keysight.

“We are proud to work with industry leaders like Keysight to help quantum developers speed up device characterization at temperatures near absolute zero,” said Amy Leong, Senior VP and General Manager of FormFactor’s Emerging Growth Business Unit. “Our Advanced Cryogenic Lab is one more step on our roadmap to bring technical and business innovation to the emerging quantum supply chain. With the introduction of these new services, our cryogenic test and measurement expertise and integrated solutions are now open to all.”

Features of the Cryogenic Test Service Program

  • 2X development cycle acceleration by pre-screening devices at sub-50 millikelvin to optimize dilution refrigerator utilization, and eliminate IC bonding/packaging delays
  • Custom probe interfaces with pressure-based temporary contact: typical 12 RF lines (up to 12 GHz) and 100 DC lines, with extensions to higher I/O connections possible
  • Dedicated application engineers and scientists to optimize test and measurement strategies
  • Timely access to equipment without the lead time or capital cost of a system purchase, available through single-day usage or multiple-day CryoPass at a discount

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