Pivotal Commware to Demonstrate 5G mmWave Smart Infrastructure Products at MWC 2022

Pivotal Commware to Demonstrate 5G mmWave Smart Infrastructure Products at MWC 2022

Pivotal Commware, a global leader in 5G mmWave smart infrastructure products, has announced that its CEO, Brian Deutsch, will attend Mobile World Congress Barcelona and conduct meetings showing Pivotal technology and products in a virtual reality exploration of the Pivotal mmWave ecosystem from February 28 to March 3.

Brian will encourage guests to take a virtual journey inside Pivotal’s mmWave ecosystem using an Oculus headset to show how Pivotal has cracked the code for deploying mmWave networks using Pivotal’s Holographic Beam Forming® technology inside its hardware products, Echo 5G™ indoor subscriber and Pivot 5G™ outdoor network repeaters. Viewers will see, thanks to HBF’s lowest cost, size, weight, and power consumption (C-SWaP) profile, some surprising places where Pivots can be found. Viewers can also build their own Pivot network and with Echo, experience VR indoors – inside the VR demo.

Untethered XR immersion won’t happen without 5G mmWave, and beamforming repeaters make deploying mmWave economically feasible for carriers. XR immersion is just one reason carriers are deploying mmWave. Challenging broadband incumbents by giving subscribers a choice using fixed wireless access (FWA) is also a very compelling use case.

This year, Pivotal chose a highly relevant method to showcase its product ecosystem at Mobile World Congress. That ecosystem consists of indoor and outdoor mmWave repeaters, WaveScape network planning software to locate Pivots while minimizing the number of fiber-connected gNBs, and Intelligent Beam Management System (IBMS) to manage and optimize the repeaters.

“Besides performance, carriers want repeaters that are RAN vendor agnostic, self-provisioning, and offer ultra-low latency, deployment speed, and simplicity,” said Deutsch. “Pivotal is the smart choice among carriers as they take the mmWave plunge.”

Earl Lum, president of EJL Wireless Research, added, “I’ve been following the 5G mmWave landscape for several years. Pivotal’s product ecosystem approach, beginning with WaveScape, squarely addresses mmWave’s propagation characteristics and financial impacts. Pivotal’s ecosystem is a beacon that shows us a path to effective deployment of mmWave networks.”

Pivotal also announces the commercial launch of its Echo 5G Boost™ subscriber repeater for low emissivity glass (low-e) windows. Unlike its predecessor or any other mmWave subscriber repeater, Boost can overcome 50 dB of low-e glass loss.

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