Qualcomm Adds New Features to its 5G Fixed Wireless Access Platform

Qualcomm Adds New Features to its 5G Fixed Wireless Access Platform

Qualcomm Technologies has announced new upgraded features and capabilities to the Qualcomm 5G Fixed Wireless Access Platform Gen 2, which was announced in February 2021. The upgrades include support for standalone 5G mmWave, as well as the all-new Qualcomm 5G RF Sensing Suite. The two new key features will help proliferate the adoption and deployment of FWA and further demonstrate how Qualcomm Technologies continues to lead the industry in the global adoption of 5G mmWave:

  • Support for standalone 5G mmWave is a transformative feature that will offer vast flexibility to service operators and will enable operators to utilize the abundant mmWave resources to provide gigabit wireless fiber speeds and low latency services to their subscriber base. The use of mmWave standalone significantly lowers the barrier to entry and reduces the cost for new greenfield 5G mmWave deployments by operators and service providers. 
  • The Qualcomm 5G RF Sensing Suite enables high-performance mmWavedeployments across indoor scenarios and supports the enablement of self-installed CPEs. Through integrated FMCW (Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave) radar in the Qualcomm® QTM547 antenna module, the Qualcomm 5G RF Sensing Suite enables CPEs to constantly monitor surrounding environments and adjust transmit power to optimize usable range and device power consumption.

Qualcomm Technologies has established itself as a premium provider of FWA solutions. The successful adoption of the Qualcomm 5G Fixed Wireless Access Platforms and growing demand for FWA technologies is attributable to the efficiencies and cost reductions they bring from installation to deployment. 5G FWA networks eliminate the need for fiber, potentially delivering enormous cost savings. According to a recent analysis by GSMA Intelligence, in rural scenarios, savings can be up to 55% in Europe, 45% in the U.S., and 65% in Latin America. In suburban scenarios, savings can potentially be seen at up to 30% in Europe and the U.S., and 45% in Latin America. 

“As the COVID-19 pandemic emphasized the need for affordable and reliable connectivity, the demand for 5G FWA increased dramatically, with the market growing at CAGR of almost 88%,” said Durga Malladi, senior vice president, and general manager, 5G, mobile broadband and infrastructure, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. “5G, including mmWave, is a universal last-mile technology. We are proud to support operators and OEMs worldwide to solve critical challenges including closing the stark digital divide with the roll-out of next-generation 5G networks.”To date, more than 40 OEMs with over 125 FWA designs announced or in development are using Qualcomm 5G Fixed Wireless Access Platforms.

Deutsche Telekom

“We are proud to be a part of the expansion of 5G Fixed Wireless Access. Deutsche Telekom has played a critical role in the momentum of this transformative technology and we will continue to collaborate across the industry with key 5G leaders like Qualcomm Technologies to act as a major catalyst for 5G fixed-wireless growth,” said Arash Ashouriha, senior vice president, group technology and innovation, Deutsche Telekom.


“We are very satisfied with the collaboration we started with Qualcomm Technologies,” said Marco Arioli, technology officer, Fastweb “Thanks to the technological solutions provided we are able to develop our Ultra FWA and bring high-speed connectivity in those areas of Italy that until now were not covered by ultra-broadband connections”.Linkem“At Linkem, we are proud of our commitment to collaborate across the industry with companies like Qualcomm Technologies, to drive innovation that enhances the wireless experience for our customers and communities,” said Cosimo Buccella, chief technology officer.


"5G technology including Fixed Wireless Access is playing a crucial role to accelerate the digital transformation enabling vertical services dedicated to industries and smart cities and it is critical to addressing key global challenges including closing the digital divide.”


“As the first carrier in Australia to launch a 5G fixed wireless access service, which is now multi-award winning, we look forward to testing out the new features now added to the Qualcomm 5G Fixed Wireless Access Platform Gen 2,” said Lambo Kanagaratnam, vice president, networks, Optus. “5G Fixed Wireless Access is one of SoftBank Corp.'s key services, and we expect it to further evolve technologically,” said Takenori Kobayashi, vice president and head of the device & AI technology division, SoftBank Corp. “SoftBank Corp. is pleased to see the great progress of Qualcomm 5G Fixed Wireless Access Platforms."


“Our goal is to always offer the right internet connection to deliver the best experience for customers based on their data needs, location, and what technology is available. 5G Home Internet is a key part of providing our customers with that choice,” said Sanjay Nayak, fixed connectivity group owner, Telstra.


“5G will provide next-level speed and connectivity for our wireless high-speed internet customer segments, especially those in rural areas,” said Dwayne Benefield, senior vice president, connected home and entertainment, TELUS. “TELUS selected the 5G SmartHub [powered by the Snapdragon®X555G Modem-RF System] for its ability to deliver reliable 100 Mbps Internet access to customers in rural Canada. This device supports all our current spectrum bands, in particular, we recently acquired 3500 MHz, ensuring customers will be able to reliably stream, conference and game at higher speeds than ever before”.


“TIM is proud to collaborate with technology leaders such as Qualcomm Technologies, to test and to drive innovative solutions that enhance the wireless experience for all users. mmWave capabilities will be one of the milestones in 5G customer promise,” said Crescenzo Micheli, director, technology and innovation, TIM.


“As we continue to foster the massive growth of T-Mobile’s 5G network, Qualcomm 5G Fixed Wireless Access Platform will be an important component,” said Ryan Sullivan, vice president, device engineering, T-Mobile. “Qualcomm Technologies is providing key technology that will enable us to deliver ultra-fast 5G Internet to consumers across the country.”

TPG Telecom

"Qualcomm Technologies’ support has been key for us in our journey implementing 5G SA in the production network, and it’s setting us the blueprint to maximizing the FWA opportunity for us in Australia," said Yago Lopez, general manager, wireless and transmission, TPG Telecom.


“At UScellular, our mission is to connect our customers to the people and places that matter most to them,” said Narothum Saxena, vice president, technology strategy and architecture, UScellular. “By collaborating with industry leaders in 5G Fixed Wireless technology, we can help provide affordable and reliable connectivity to underserved areas and drive innovation that ultimately bridges the digital divide across the country.” 

Xplornet Communications Inc.

“As the first broadband provider in Canada to launch a rural 5G standalone network, Xplornet needed leading-edge Fixed Wireless Access solutions that would unlock the full potential of 5G for our customers in rural and remote communities," said Dennis Steiger, chief technology officer, Xplornet Communications Inc. “Our 5G network, which utilizes QualcommTechnologies' carrier aggregation technology, optimizes our spectrum assets for increased capacity and fast speeds that enable our customers to connect to what matters most.”

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