New Frequency Converter from Quantum Machines Simplifies RF Engineering Tasks for Quantum Researchers

New Frequency Converter from Quantum Machines Simplifies RF Engineering Tasks for Quantum Researchers

Quantum Machines (QM), creator of the first universal quantum computing cloud infrastructure announced the availability of the company's all-in-one RF up/down-conversion module: Octave. The addition of Octave to the OPX offering creates an end-to-end solution for quantum control that can scale alongside the users' demand.

The issue that many quantum researchers face is that to benefit from the advanced level of quantum orchestration, they must spend an excessive amount of time on RF engineering. Researchers spend vast amounts of time setting up and calibrating RF components, such as oscillators and IF mixers. This often leads to systems that are increasingly bulky and difficult to calibrate as the system size scales.

Octave is a compact, rack-mountable up-conversion and down-conversion module with built-in Local Oscillator (LO) sources. The system removes the need for researchers to spend time in the lab on configurations and calibrations by automatic self-calibration done continuously and in a fraction of a second, ensuring that the system can keep pace with user demands as the numbers of qubits continue to scale.

Integrating Octave with the OPX, Quantum Machine's Quantum Orchestration Platform (QOP) now enables R&D teams to execute the highly complex algorithms necessary for tackling the most advanced challenges facing quantum computing, at scale, without the need for complex engineering.

"One of the main pain points we've noticed for quantum control is that even with a good processor in place, researchers must devote a significant portion of their time to engineering their setups just to get to a point where they can begin experimenting," said Dr. Itamar Sivan, Co-founder, and CEO of Quantum Machines. "With the release of Octave, we've removed that engineering barrier, offering users a solution that integrates directly with our Quantum Orchestration Platform so that they can start  right out of the box."

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