Filtronic Offers Precision RF Components and Sub-systems for Mission-Critical Communication Networks

Filtronic Offers Precision RF Components and Sub-systems for Mission-Critical Communication Networks

Filtronic, a designer and manufacturer of RF, microwave, and mmWave products for telecommunications infrastructure, aerospace & defense, critical communications, and space markets, can design, manufacture and test advanced products that transmit, receive and condition radio waves for mission-critical communications networks worldwide. Filtronic is the partner of choice for leading OEMs supplying public safety communications systems for the emergency services, helping to build a more resilient and secure communications infrastructure.

In the public-safety market, Filtronic devises and manufactures high-performance RF products for both LMR and LTE communications systems.

Mission-Critical RF Components and Subystems developed by filtronic

Tower Top Amplifiers

The TTA systems offered by filtronic operate in the 700 MHz and 800 MHz public-safety bands, providing an integrated high performance system for mission-critical radio networks. These products are compact, lightweight, and comply fully with the most stringent public-safety RF specifications.

The amplifiers have excellent system flatness across the passband and low system noise figure, while retaining linearity and out-of-band rejection. This gives radio system operators the confidence that their networks will operate reliably with resilient connections and higher quality audio, especially in congested environments.

A key feature of the platform is smart redundancy, which continuously monitors the health of the balanced quadrature-coupled amplifiers. If one amplifier fails, the system can continue to operate using the redundant amplifier. If both amplifiers are lost, the system will function in a bypass mode – ensuring continuous uptime.

RF filters

They have extensive expertise in developing a wide range of microwave filters, including metal cavity filters, ceramic, combline, interdigital, lumped element, suspended substrate, waveguide and thin-film filters. They are experts in filter topology, offering rapid prototyping and reduced development cycles.

Combiners (cross-band/in-band)

Their cross-band combiners enable signals from multiple base stations of different frequency bands to be combined to a single feeder cable or antenna. They are optimized for a combination of different technologies with very low loss, optimum EVM and high isolation. In-band combiners enable multiple continuous or in-continuous channels within the same frequency band to be combined. They have a very narrow guard band, low insertion loss and high isolation to minimize the total effect on the combined signals, and to lessen the loss of valuable spectrum.

Their customers for these products are in a wide range of industries including Telecommunications Infrastructure, Aerospace and Defense, Track-to-Train Communications, Test and Measurement, and Space (High Altitude Pseudo Satellites (HAPS)/ Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) Satellites).

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