Ultra Introduces Modular Multi-Spectral Flight Line Test Set System for Modern Military Platforms

Ultra Introduces Modular Multi-Spectral Flight Line Test Set System for Modern Military Platforms

Ultra, a developer of mission-critical solutions and intelligent systems, has introduced a new modular multi-spectral flight line test set - the PTS 8000. The test set provides modularity in the form of a Common Control Unit (PTS 8000 CCU) and a number of specific test heads, used to simulate the various DAS sensors found on modern military platforms.

The heads currently available are: C/D band RF heads (PTS 8000CD), EJ band RF heads (PTS 8000 EJ), Ka-band RF heads (PTS 8000K), UV heads (PTS 8000 UV) and a combined UV/LWR head. Being modular, the user only needs to purchase the CCU and respective test heads needed, should changes be made to the platform sensor suite, new low cost heads can be purchased separately at a later date without the need for the core unit to be returned for an upgrade.

The PTS 8000 RF system consists of two ruggedized assemblies: the Common Control Unit (PTS 8000 CCU) and the Antenna head (PTS 8000 EJ). In use these 2 modules are normally connected via a control cable and free space radiating RF heads can reach up to 20 m depending on RWR sensitivity, optional 20 m extension cables are available whereby a control unit may be used in the aircraft cockpit allowing the technician to operate the unit and interpret the RWR display, whilst minimal skill level being needed at the antenna head.

The PTS 8000 (UV) is a battery powered, self contained, lightweight ruggedized assembly which operates independently from the CCU and RF system, taking its threats from internal memory stimulating UV Missile and HFI Warning systems from up to 20 m. A combined UV/LWR Head is also available which includes Laser Rangefinder, Laser Target Designator and Laser Beamrider threats and UV in a single EO head.

The respective units are programmed via an intuitive graphical user interface and threats are downloaded via USB interface.

Common Control Unit

The PTS 8000 CCU provides the Interface to various RF heads. Large, easily activated controls and illuminated display allow operation in full NBC or foul weather clothing, at night or in poor visibility. Up to 6 selectable preset threats per RF head can be programmed in non-volatile memory and adjusted locally at the CCU, whilst the use of a pre-programmed USB memory module provides virtually limitless additional threat capacity.

The unit is Mains/Battery operated with an inbuilt auto-sensing charger allowing operation from 115/230 V or from 400 Hz for aircraft or shipborne recharging. The typical battery duration is a minimum of 17 hours of operational use at a 20% duty cycle.

The built-in test confirms battery charge state and comprehensive assessment of system functionality.

PTS 8000 (CD), (EJ), (K), Radar Warning Test Head

The PTS 8000 (EJ) and optional (CD), (K) band RF heads are self-contained, synthesized heads holding respective calibration data which allows for interchangeability with the CCU. Threats stored in either of the 6 presets or USB memory modules are recalled, simply point and shoot at the sensor under test (SUT) which allows free space radiating signals up to 20m depending on RWR sensitivity.

The head (s) feature a built-in test that confirms RF output levels, pulse parameters and battery charge status. The individual heads and CCU can be changed without recalibration and the CCU automatically senses which RF head is connected.

Programming software with an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) is provided to generate complex emitters with stagger, Jitter and scan parameters, simply save and download to a USB memory dongle for an enhanced test capability.

PTS 8000 (UV) Missile Approach Warner Test Head

The PTS 8000 (UV) utilizes the latest UV Led technology and provides up to 8 generic (unclassified) threat profiles including HFI test patterns each typically lasting up to 10 seconds duration with Photon irradiance being programmable in 1 msec steps. The test profile is selected via switches on the rear of the unit.

The unit is programmed offline and threat profiles are downloaded directly to the handset via USB. A Software GUI program is provided to allow complex profiles to be easily generated.

PTS 8000 Combined UV/LWR Test Head

Incorporating the latest UV technology as above the integrated LWR module is fully programmable to replicate generic LRF, LTD and LBR threats. The combined capability is housed in a single EO Head with dimensions the same as other test heads.

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