Keysight to Demonstrate its High-Frequency Test Equipment and Solutions at European Microwave Week

Keysight to Demonstrate its High-Frequency Test Equipment and Solutions at European Microwave Week

Keysight Technologies will demonstrate its wide range of high-frequency test equipment and solutions at EuMW 2021 next week. The EuMW 2021 event was meant to take place in October last year, but got postponed multiple times and now will be finally be taking place in London in April. EuMW 2022 will follow shortly after and take place in Milan, Italy in September 2022. 

Microwave technology brings a new set of complex electronic test challenges, and these solutions will help customers design, simulate and test their latest innovations. EuMW 2021 is Keysight’s 18th consecutive year as a Platinum sponsor and is committed to working with customers to tackle the world’s toughest uWave and mmWave test challenges.

Keysight 5G and Wireless Solutions for Design and Test at EuMW 2021

  • mmWave R&D Testbeds: Accelerates time to market with measurements compliant to the latest 5G standards and enables research of 6G frequencies, wide bandwidths and new modulation schemes.
  • Simplified Wideband Test: Simplifies complex measurement setups and improves accuracy of active device characterization measurements, including error vector magnitude/noise power ratio (EVM/NPR), embedded local oscillator phase noise, group delay, noise figure, and much more.
  • Compact VNA Solution: High-end, portable, mmWave component and materials measurements for 5G, 6G, and automotive applications. Delivers rapid actionable insights without sacrificing bench space.
  • mmWave Circuit Simulation: Meets the challenges of 5G with a complete mmWave design flow, from circuit to system, using Keysight’s PathWave System Design and PathWave Advanced Design System (ADS).
  • OTA Field Signal Analysis: Displays key metrics from multiple base stations to identify frequency drifting, isolate power issues, and investigate performance problems.
  • gNB Fading Performance: An integrated turnkey solution for 5G base station/open RAN testing including 5G non-terrestrial networks (NTN) use cases, multiple input multiple output (MIMO) over the air (OTA) base station fading performance, mmWave base station fading performance, and massive MIMO base station fading performance.

Keysight Aerospace & Defense Solutions at EuMW 2021

  • Model-Based System Design: Offers a complete RF-aware design workflow, integrating decades of Keysight measurement science in RF instrumentation for end-to-end system designs.
  • Phase Noise Test System: Delivers high-end phase noise test, using cross-correlation techniques to measure down to the thermal (kT) limits of physics.
  • Digital Tx/Rx Module Test: Replaces weeks of in-house measurement and data analysis effort in a few minutes. Characterizes digital-baseband integrated RF front-end device performance with metrology-quality measurements.

Keysight Automotive Solutions at EuMW 2021

  • AV Radar Test: Validates performance and reliability of E-band automotive radar modules with an analog radar target simulator (RTS).

Keysight technology experts are also hosting a number of workshops with several papers where attendees can learn about key topics and challenges associated with automotive, 5G, component test, aerospace and defense, as well as software design:

  • Results and Advances in mmWave On-wafer S-parameter Measurement Accuracy
  • Extending the Keysight 125 GHz Solution to 220 GHz
  • Beyond 5G: mmWave and THz Techniques of 6G Research
  • Optimizing Modulation Quality Measurements on Wide Bandwidth Signals – From Conformance Through R&D
  • Phase Noise in Next Generation Aerospace, Defense and Commercial Wireless Communication
  • A Superheterodyne 300 GHz Transmit Receive Chipset for Beyond 5G Network Integration
  • Road to Lab: Validation of ADAS/AD Functions Relying on Sensor Fusion
  • Multiple-Ray-Tracing (MRT) Tool with SystemVue
     Sub THz Bands for 6G: 10x the Bandwidth with 10x the Problems?
  • Benchmarking of GHz Resonator Techniques for the Characterization of 5G/mmWave Materials
  • Quantifying Modulation Quality at the Physical Layer using Equalized Channel Capacity
  • Design of Calibration Structures for On-wafer S-parameters Measurements up to 500 GHz

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