Rapidtek Showcases Cutting-Edge LEO Satellite Communication Solutions at SATELLITE 2022

Rapidtek Showcases Cutting-Edge LEO Satellite Communication Solutions at SATELLITE 2022

Rapidtek Technologies, a leading Taiwanese antenna design and testing solution provider, participated in the SATELLITE 2022 from March 22 through March 24 in Washington, DC, showing its cutting-edge LEO satellite communication solutions for potential clients around the world.

During the 3-day event, a delegation of 9 Taiwanese manufacturers led by the National Space Organization (NSPO), and Industrial Development Bureau (IDB), Ministry of Economic Affairs, is showcasing a wide variety of innovative satellite and ground systems, such as control systems, sensors, and antennas, in the Taiwan Space Pavilion. As the only exhibitor from Taiwan last year, Rapidtek took part in this year's space exhibition again.

"We showcase our design innovation and capability in the world-renowned space exhibition. We are excited about our tailor-made KU array antenna boards that will be installed on the customers' satellite to launch into space in the near future. Such efforts demonstrate that we strive to provide total solutions for our customers," said Arthur Wang, founder and CEO of Rapidtek.

"The user terminal (UT) is one of the key products for the LEO communication system," said Alex Chou, CTO of Rapidtek. "Our UT design features the PCB material selection, PCB manufacturing, thermal analysis, and array performance simulation."

Rapidtek's UT design consists of a phased array unit, antenna control unit, inertial measurement unit, GNSS receiver unit, and power management unit. Chou said that it is not only cost effective for customers, but also flexible to integrate with their baseband modem module. It is suitable for fixed location, vehicles, aircrafts, and maritime applications.

Rapidtek has in-house test facilities that cover the whole process from the R&D stage to the MP stage. The array performance verification is achieved in the Rapidtek Advanced Antenna Lab. This lab is not only for passive antenna measurements, but also for active antenna measurement, beam-table validation of phased array antenna in particular.

"We also built our own calibration algorithm to ensure the accuracy of phased array performance. This algorithm is suitable for a wide range of array configurations. To shorten the design cycle, the only thing our clients need to do is to provide their goals and baseband modem module. We will make the procedure of their UT design much easier," Chou said.

During the event, Rapidtek showed its design innovation capability with the phased array module for UTs, RF testing solutions, and module solutions for frequency conversion.

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