Link Microtek Develops Compact 3-Channel Rotary Joint for X-Band Radar Systems

Link Microtek Develops Compact 3-Channel Rotary Joint for X-Band Radar Systems

Link Microtek, a company that supplies components and systems to aerospace, defense, telecommunications, industrial, scientific and medical companies has added a new compact three-channel rotary joint to its extensive range of microwave rotary joints. The rotary joint has three X-band channels, one of which is used for transmit and the others for receiving signals in radar systems for coastal/border surveillance or critical infrastructure protection.

Designed and manufactured at Link Microtek’s facility in Basingstoke, UK, the new AMCORJD-3 Rotary Joint enables microwave signals to be fed to or from a compact radar antenna rotating continuously at in excess of 60rpm and typically exposed to harsh environmental conditions such as wind, rain and salt spray. The design brief was particularly challenging as it had to fit in the same space as the previous two channel version.

Both channels cover the frequency range 8.5 to 9.5 GHz and can handle average microwave powers in excess of 50 W and peak powers of over 200 W. Microwave performance is excellent, with a maximum insertion loss of only 1.2 dB, maximum VSWR of 1.5:1 and an isolation of 80 dB.

In order to satisfy requirements for long life and continuous operation, this robustly constructed rotary joint uses a non-contacting design, so the only wearing parts are the bearings. It is fabricated from lightweight aluminum with a Surtec finish and incorporates IP65 sealing to protect it from the ingress of moisture and dust. Featuring N-type connectors on the rotating side and SMA-type connectors on the fixed side, the rotary joint has overall dimensions of 84 mm (D) x 150 mm (L), excluding the connectors and bulkhead mounting flange. Other rotary-joint configurations and sizes can be supplied on request, customized to suit specific radar antenna requirements.

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