Qorvo Introduces Programmable Low Noise RF Point of Load Step-Down Voltage Regulator

Qorvo Introduces Programmable Low Noise RF Point of Load Step-Down Voltage Regulator

Qorvo has introduced a programmable low noise RFPoL step-down voltage regulator that supports a wide input voltage of 4.5-40 V and integrates both high side and low side MOSFETs for high-efficiency power conversions. The ACT41000 is based on Qorvo’s proprietary current-mode control and uses its on-chip oscillator clock with a spread-spectrum or an external clock to synchronize. This fixed frequency operation with the stable control loop greatly reduces output power noise and EMI to noise-sensitive RF components.

Key features of ACT41000:

  • 4.5-40 V operational input voltage
  • Programmable output with factory defaults output voltage: 3-24 V in 12.5 mV Step
  • Output Current (Limit): Up to 4 A in 15.6 mA Step
  • 450 kHz-2.25 MHz fixed-frequency current-mode with external clock synchronization and spread-spectrum
  • 5 V / 350 mA self-bias buck converter
  • 20 mA AUX LDO
  • I2C interface
  • Protections: UVLO, OVP, UVP (Hiccup/Latch-off), OCP, and TSD
  • Thermally Enhanced: 5 x 5 mm QFN Package
  • Automotive AEC-Q100 Options are available

To power up a drain of GaN/GaAs Power Amplifiers (PAs), the ACT41000 supports a programmable output both in voltage and current (limit) setpoints and the device operates in constant-current (CC) and constant-voltage (CV) seamlessly. Qorvo factory-programs the default settings and an optional MCU can re-program them on the fly via I2C. The precise 256-step current limit enables an MCU to detect precise IDQ by eliminating a current sensor IC. The ACT41000 provides two auxiliary rails for peripheral devices like controllers, sensors, and so on.

The ACT41000-104-REF01 reference design provides both the drain and gate voltages for many RF PAs from Qorvo. It automatically searches for and optimizes a PA gate voltage to set its required Idq bias current. This reference design demonstrates how ACT41000 simplifies RF PA system-level design and cost. The design features the QPA2211 device, but it can be easily modified for other RF PAs. It operates with up to 40V input voltage and outputs a 24V / 4A drain power supply.

Key applications of ACT41000:

  • RF PA (GaN/GaAs) drain bias/Power with IDQ search
  • General telecom and industrial power supplies
  • Telecom RF modules
  • Radar systems

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