FlexRadio Introduces FLEX-6400M Software Defined Radio Transceiver with Integrated Display

FlexRadio Introduces FLEX-6400M Software Defined Radio Transceiver with Integrated Display

FlexRadio, a pioneering leader in the design and development of software defined radios (SDRs) for the amateur radio market, has introduced the FLEX-6400M Signature Series SDR Transceiver. This system offers the latest direct sampling SDR technology with high-resolution display and ergonomic controls.

The FLEX-6400M has 2 independent band/mode receivers and supports full-duplex cross-band operation. It integrates all FLEX-6400 capabilities with an 8-inch 1920 x 1200 IPS WUXGA touchscreen display and ergonomic controls to deliver a high-performance Software Defined Radio with a traditional radio interface. The radio delivers unmatched band awareness from an integrated display while providing an external connection for an HDMI compatible 1920 x 1200 resolution monitor for maximum spectral visibility.

Influenced by top contest/DX operators, its symmetrical and independent dual VFO controls are strategically placed to provide maximum productivity for all types of operation. It’s completely self-contained so just plug it in and operate — no PC, network, or learning curve required.

With a PC, laptop, or Mac client users can utilize up to two 7 MHz spectrum/waterfall displays and independent receivers to revolutionize your view of the bands. Its two receivers can be placed simultaneously on any band and mode with instant QSY between VFOs. Digital mode operation is a dream with no sound cards, cables, or boxes needed.

FlexRadio’s industry-leading SmartSDR™ software offers compatibility across the entire FLEX-6000 Signature Series family to deliver continuous leveraged software enhancement. And you can use the latest SmartLink™ technology to access your radio virtually anywhere from any SmartSDR compatible client with only a login and password — even your iPhone.

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