Qualcomm Introduces Third-Gen Wi-Fi 7 Networking Platforms with Data Rates up to 33 Gbps

Qualcomm Introduces Third-Gen Wi-Fi 7 Networking Platforms with Data Rates up to 33 Gbps

Qualcomm has introduced new products for Wi-Fi 7 Infrastructure applications. The four new Qualcomm Networking Pro Series platforms – the 1620, 1220, 820, and 620 make this offering one of the industry’s most scalable portfolios commercially available today. At MWC Barcelona just a few months ago, they were excited to introduce the world’s first Wi-Fi 7 commercial solution. Now they are thrilled to unveil the other side of that story.

For many, Wi-Fi 6, 6E, and now 7 have come in rapid succession. But viewed as a rising crescendo of capabilities delivered through standards bodies, regulators, and technology providers, Wi-Fi 7 is the culmination of a powerful set of capabilities set to transform wireless connectivity.

Wi-Fi 6 was primarily about delivering massive amounts of data capacity through multi-user technologies, like OFDMA and MU-MIMO. Wi-Fi 6E then applies these modern capabilities to wider and more plentiful channels across a new, broader swath of unlicensed spectrum. So, with a massive increase of devices sporting high performance, stable connections, and a new, wider spectrum available to service them, Wi-Fi 7 turns to the task of surging performance – specifically, for ultra-low latency, extremely high throughput, and ever-higher capacity through the most efficient use of spectrum. These are the capabilities that will fuel the real-time collaboration gaming, streaming, video sharing, and XR applications of tomorrow.

Each generation of Qualcomm Networking Pro Series platforms has introduced next-gen Wi-Fi 6, 6E, and 7 capabilities, respectively. What defines this family of platforms as the gold standard in professional-grade networking – with over 275 designs wins across every major OEM and segment – is its powerful blend of high-performance architecture and modular scalability to span design needs.

That pedigree is on full display again with the Wi-Fi 7 portfolio. Qualcomm Technologies’ approach is to offer flexible solutions supporting all high-performance feature implementations with common software on a newly designed architecture – continuing their legacy of ensuring fast time-to-market for a wide range of connectivity networking solutions.

For Wi-Fi 7 networks, support for 320MHz channels and expert implementation of multi-Link technology is at the heart of realizing massive gains in performance. All configurations of Wi-Fi 7 Networking Pro Series platforms — from 6-stream to 16-stream — support 320MHz operation. Additionally, all support simultaneous Multi-Link, as well alternating Multi-Link mode. Simultaneous Multi-Link in high-band channels (HBS Multi-Link) delivers massive capacity, stability, and extremely low latency when connected with Qualcomm FastConnect 7800-based Wi-Fi 7 devices – a key differentiator for next-gen smartphones, PCs, XR devices and more. These capabilities establish tri-band Wi-Fi 7 as a new baseline with quad-band offerings available at the premium tier.

Together, the Wi-Fi 7 feature toolkit and Qualcomm Networking Pro Series architecture deliver new industry benchmarks for networking performance –with wireless capacity up to 33 Gbps. Once considered impossible over wireless connections, third generation Qualcomm Networking Pro Series platforms will enable for the first time over 10 Gbps backhaul for enterprise and home mesh Wi-Fi systems. Paired with 5G fixed wireless access, 10G-PON fiber, and advanced cable protocols, these platforms deliver turnkey business and personal connectivity solutions.

Finally, to ensure enhanced 6GHz operation, both indoors and outside, third generation Networking Pro Series platforms support Qualcomm AFC Solution. Qualcomm AFC Solution is a turnkey solution, spanning network hardware, software, and fully supported cloud management capabilities.

Qualcomm Technologies is at the forefront of Wi-Fi evolution, driving the standards and technology to fulfil customer aspirations. They play a leading role, working closely with IEEE and WFA members, to finalize Wi-Fi 7.

Beyond technology and standards leadership, Qualcomm Technologies is focused on delivering industry-leading, fully implemented platforms to their customers with the flexibility they need to deliver best-in-class experiences. For these third generation Qualcomm Networking Pro Series Platforms, those Wi-Fi experiences will be yielding the benefits of extreme speed, capacity, and consistent low latency.

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