IQD Develops an OCXO with Extended Holdover Stability for High Precision Timing Applications

IQD Develops an OCXO with Extended Holdover Stability for High Precision Timing Applications

IQD, a recognized market leader in the frequency control market and part of the Würth Elektronik eiSos group, one of the leading European manufacturers of passive components has introduced IQCM-200, a disciplined OCXO that is designed to provide exceptional holdover stability and accuracy. The IQCM-200 is part of a series of disciplined OCXOs available from IQD and incorporates sync to a 1 PPS (pulse per second) input as well as a 1 PPS output.

The IQCM-200 is the smallest sized OCXO capable of achieving a holdover capability of 1.5 µs over 24 hours meaning the oscillator will continue to function with incredible accuracy during a holdover period. This holdover stability of up to 1.5 μs over 24 hours across 0 – 60 °C, and 25 µs typical in 10 days at 25 ± 2 °C is achieved using an adaptive algorithm. Internal parameters of the algorithm, including maintenance alarms and message functions are available to the user via a serial interface. A frequency stability better than ±0.02 ppb is achievable.

Extensive in-house testing of the ICQM-200 has been carried out by IQD engineers in their UK laboratory. In these controlled tests the holdover achieved by this oscillator after 10 days was a very impressive 25.5 μs. This is ideal for applications that require a longer holdover than 24 hours. Tests also concluded ADEV figures as 2.2E-12 @ τ = 1 s.

Due to its exceptional holdover times, this product is ideal for applications that require an accurate time reference, Telecoms LTE and 5G timing, and PTP GM clocks with the required IEEE 1588 holdover support, and within White Rabbit applications. This particular model will be an excellent asset to power sector products which require increased holdover times due to the emerging changes and requirements within this sector. The IQCM-200 is compliant with MiFID II.

The IQCM-200 is part of a series including the IQCM-140, IQCM-310, IQCM-112, and IQCM-100. Although it is larger in size than some of our models, the IQCM-200 boasts incredible accuracy.

An IQCM Evaluation Board is also available for this series. Details on all the tests carried out including the 10 day holdover can be found in the IQCM-200 handbook. For a copy please contact sales and support teams at any time.

Click here to learn more about the IQCM-200 OCXO from IQD Frequency Products.

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