Sunway Partners with Boston Micro Fabrication to Develop Next Generation Antennas

Sunway Partners with Boston Micro Fabrication to Develop Next Generation Antennas

Sunway Communication, a global leading supplier of electronic components and modules related to RF, such as antenna modules, wireless charging modules, EMC/EMI products, precision connectors & cables, and passive components has partnered with Boston Micro Fabrication (BMF), a world leader in micro-precision 3D utilizing Projection Micro Stereolithography (PµSL) technology, to develop next-generation antennas. The companies have opened a joint development lab in San Diego, California.

For 5G and future antennas, advanced manufacturing techniques have evolved to meet the needs of developing components with small form factor and precise dimensions. The RF industry is moving more fully into mm-wave applications and with this, antennas and waveguides will need to get smaller. As a result, utilizing traditional manufacturing techniques to meet the growing needs become more challenging.

"We have been looking for alternative approaches to meet the demands of miniaturization. BMF has quickly developed their technology and applied it in multiple industries. This joint development agreement will accelerate our efforts and advance our leadership position" stated Dr. Wilson Wu, Sunway EVP and GM, of Sunway USA.

"We are excited to partner with Sunway to help bring 3D printing technology into this application space," said John Kawola, CEO, Boston Micro Fabrication.  "BMF brings the expertise of micro fabrication while Sunway brings their long experience with high value communication components."

This collaboration is led by Dr. Howard Liu, Sunway Chief Scientist/VP, Head of Sunway Antenna Research Institute and Chunguang Xia, BMF's CTO/Co-Founder.

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