GAUSS INSTRUMENTS Introduces New Spectrum/Signal Analyzer for Real-time, Communication and EMC Testing

GAUSS INSTRUMENTS Introduces New Spectrum/Signal Analyzer for Real-time, Communication and EMC Testing

GAUSS INSTRUMENTS, a manufacturer of high performance EMC test equipment and provider of advanced EMI test solutions, has introduced the TDEMI® S Series - a new Real-time Spectrum and Signal Analyzer. In its basic configuration, the TDEMI S is a high-performance spectrum analyzer and is available in frequency ranges up to 1, 6, 9, 18, 26, 40, 44 and 50 GHz.

The TDEMI® S Series can be extended to operate up to the Terahertz frequency range using external mixers. Due to its compact design and a 12V output, it is a great tool for field testing or on-board testing applications. These spectrum analyzers and receivers have been optimized for low power consumption while maintaining ultra-high performance. The flexible configurability allows use of the instrument as a real-time spectrum analyzer. The new HyperOverlapping technology makes it possible to record and analyze signals in completely new ways. Oversampling factors in the range of 1000 result in improved signal-to-noise ratio and faster updates in real-time mode, compared to current existing real-time measurement technology.

Furthermore, the TDEMI S can be configured as a CISPR/ANSI/MIL-compliant EMI receiver with Option EMI-UG. The novel HyperOverlapping feature is available in the FFT-based mode, providing the capability to record and display signals with a much higher resolution than similar instruments. High resolution ADCs, which use a patented technology to compensate for nonlinear effects, achieve the highest measurement accuracy.

For fully automated measurements, the EMI64k Automation Software Suite supports all operation modes of the TDEMI® S. Thereby the TDEMI® S can be used for EMC measurements in the typical mode as well as in the real-time spectrogram mode.

Due to its flexible configuration, the TDEMI S can be configured for a variety of applications including communication and EMC testing (full- or pre-compliance). It also can be upgraded at a later stage and therefore extended for new applications. In addition, its advanced technology, including HyperOverlapping, provides excellent spurious suppression, dynamic range and noise floor. The TDEMI S is convenient for applications where today's measurement instruments reach the limits of their possibilities. The extension with external mixers into the THz range allows the TDEMI S to be used for certification measurements for 5G and beyond.

The TDEMI S is fully compliant to CISPR 16-1-1.

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