Anokiwave to Showcase its Latest mmWave Active Antenna ICs and Solutions at IMS 2022

Anokiwave to Showcase its Latest mmWave Active Antenna ICs and Solutions at IMS 2022

Anokiwave will be showcasing its latest mmWave Active Antenna ICs and Solutions at IMS 2022. Anokiwave continues to focus on delivering a high-volume manufacturing IC platform that enables the lowest cost and highest performing mmWave Active antennas.

Key Anokiwave highlights at IMS 2022:

  • 2022 marks Anokiwave’s release of its Gen-4 multi-band silicon IC family, including silicon IC beamformer ICs as well as the industry’s first single-chip dual-channel IF up/down converter with a fully integrated LO synthesizer. The IC family enables greener, lower cost, and smaller form factor mmW 5G radios, for every 3GPP FR2 band.
  • Antenna Innovator Kits with new Gen-4 ICs demonstrate to customers how to realize the best performance of our ICs; showing the power of the IC plus antenna level solution that Anokiwave offers to the market.
  • Complimenting the mmWave 5G family is a full portfolio of SATCOM Ku and K/Ka-band beamformer ICS with a rich digital core that simplifies active antenna designs. Our SATCOM portfolio enables a new world of ubiquitous global SATCOM connectivity with cost and performance improvements that make flat panel SATCOM arrays a commercial reality.
  • The commercial advancements in the SATCOM and 5G markets lead to new capabilities in Aerospace and Defense using low-cost silicon and advanced integration with the flexibility to customize for specific needs.
  • Anokiwave senior staff will attend IMS 2022 and are available to discuss how we can make you successful in developing mmW systems.

Next-generation wireless technology, heavily dependent on mmWave, is a core foundation in our society and will be essential in how industries compete and generate value, how people communicate and interact, and how militaries pursue security for their citizens. The underpinning technology (mmW phased array antennas) for the business models for mass adoption of this technology makes the commercialization of mmW markets both technically possible and economically feasible.

Anokiwave’s goal is to provide enabling ICs and solutions that make mmWave active antennas a commercial reality for 5G, SATCOM, and A&D markets,” states Abhishek Kapoor, Anokiwave VP of Sales. “We were the pioneers in pushing the idea of silicon-based mmW active antennas, and today we feel proud to feature our latest product portfolio of ICs for every mmWave 5G band, Ku and K/Ka-band SATCOM, and X-band RADAR.”

Through cutting-edge solutions and co-innovation with customers, we continue to make mmWave easy for OEMs as the trusted source of innovative mmWave solutions. Anokiwave is dedicated to developing innovative, high-performance, highly integrated IC platforms in high volume that are compact, cost-effective, and deliver faster time-to-market for OEMs.

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