Marki Microwave Introduces Surface Mount Balun to Support 32 GHz of Instantaneous Bandwidth

Marki Microwave Introduces Surface Mount Balun to Support 32 GHz of Instantaneous Bandwidth

Marki Microwave, an innovator in the radio frequency and microwave industry for over 30 years, has introduced a surface mount broadband balun, hand-tuned for optimal phase and amplitude balance over an industry leading 10 MHz to 32 GHz. The BAL-0032SSG is the market’s first surface mount balun to enable 32 GHz of instantaneous bandwidth with better than five degrees of phase balance. The balun supports high sample rate data converters for wideband receive architectures, multiband Radar, digital beamformer and direct conversion receivers.

“An increasing number of systems are transitioning over to direct conversion architectures, where the speed of the data converters defines the maximum frequency of operation,” said Christopher Marki, CEO of Marki Microwave. “For customers eager to drive higher performance, the BAL-0032SSG enables an unprecedented frequency range that supports 32 GHz of bandwidth, making it ideally suited to the next generation of high-speed data converters.”

Leveraging the technology of the BAL-0020SLG, Marki Microwave’s 10 MHz to 20 GHz surface mount broadband balun, the BAL-0032SSG is a 1:2 transformation line transformer balun that can maintain phase balance of better than five degrees across the entire band and amplitude balance of better than 0.4 dB, which causes minimal effect on signal integrity. In addition, the balun allows processing of the complete band, optimizing applications that require high instantaneous bandwidth (iBW), which enables electronic warfare receivers to cover multiple frequency bands and multi-band radar solutions. Designed in an ultra-compact 5.0 x 8.5 mm surface mount package, the BAL-0032SSG is available now. 

Marki Microwave is showcasing its product portfolio at IMS 2022 in Denver, Colorado this week. Stop by their booth to learn more about this and other new and innovative products.

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