Pickering Introduces 67 GHz Terminated PXI Switching Solutions for 5G and Semiconductor Test

Pickering Introduces 67 GHz Terminated PXI Switching Solutions for 5G and Semiconductor Test

Pickering Interfaces, a leading supplier of modular signal switching and simulation solutions for use in electronic test and verification, has augmented its 4x-785C range of SP4T & SP6T microwave multiplexers with the addition of 67 GHz terminated SP4T/SP6T modules to support the latest requirements of the 5G and semiconductor test sectors. The 40-785C (PXI) and 42-785C (PXIe) modules feature internal relay terminations that can improve signal integrity. Devices feature panel and remote mount options that enable users to locate the switches at the most convenient location for their application; remote mount options occupy a single chassis slot but can control up to three switches, saving space.

The 4x-785C family is based on industry-leading superior quality Radiall mechanical microwave switches. The addition of 67 GHz 50 Ω internally terminated switches allows unused channels of a test system to be terminated in the characteristic impedance of the signal path, thus maximizing signal integrity.

Remote mount options connect each switch to the control module via a 1.5 m cable providing flexibility in switch positioning. This reduces the length of RF connections, thus maximizing performance and minimizing cabling costs. Chassis slot count is minimized as only 3-slots are required for a single configuration - or 6-slots for dual panel mount switch - or just a single slot for the remote mount versions.

Comments Steve Edwards, Switching Product Manager at Pickering Interfaces: "To aid with test system health monitoring, the 4x-785C family is provided with a switch cycle counting feature. Determining the number of operations per channel can help manage the wear-out process by allowing alternate lower usage paths to be substituted for high-use channels."

Pickering also offers a range of high-quality interconnection cables to support RF applications, and their standard three-year warranty covers all modules.

Click here to learn more about 40/42-785C PXI/PXIe Microwave Multiplexer Modules from Pickering Interfaces.

Pickering was showcasing this and other products at IMS 2022 in Denver this week. IMS 2022 is the leading event for the RF & Microwave Industry. Click here to see everything RF's coverage of the event.

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