The 43.5 GHz Modular Spectrum Analyzer from Signal Hound is Now Available for Sale

The 43.5 GHz Modular Spectrum Analyzer from Signal Hound is Now Available for Sale

Signal Hound announced that the SM435B 43.5 GHz, high-performance spectrum analyzer is now available for order. Signal Hound, a developer of highly-optimized solutions for RF signal test and measurement, originally announced production of the SM435B in the second quarter of 2021. Its official release date was delayed due to component shortages and supply chain issues that hit the electronics industry. However, the wait is now over, this powerful new mmWave spectrum analyzer is on the shelf and available for purchase.

The affordability of the SM435B opens the door to industry professionals who were previously unable to attain this power in a compact and economic package. It is available now to unlock your next adventure in the mmWave space. Pricing starts at $22,000.

The SM435B tunes from 100 kHz to 43.5 GHz, boasts 160 MHz of instantaneous bandwidth (IBW), a high dynamic range of 110 dB, a sustained sweep speed of 1 THz/s, a built-in sub-octave preselector from 100 kHz MHz to 43.5 GHz, and ultra-low phase noise – introducing no more than 0.1% error to EVM measurements. This low level of phase noise rivals the most expensive spectrum analyzers on the market. Its system noise figure ranges between 12 dB and 15 dB between 700 MHz and 15.2 GHz.

The minimalist design of the SM435B brings only the essentials, cutting out the cruft and providing a small form-factor that fits seamlessly into a testbed or production-line scenario. The streamlined and portable design makes it the perfect choice for the bench, garage or anywhere else it may be required. The unit measures 10.45 x 7.2 x 2.15 inches (265 x 183 x 55 mm) and weighs 9.51 lbs. (with passive cooling, AC desktop adapter, and power cord).

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