Trending 5G Products in 2022: August Edition

Trending 5G Products in 2022: August Edition

5G or fifth-generation cellular technology delivers high-speed, and low-latency communication by utilizing the latest cutting-edge solutions. 5G is making our gadgets smarter than ever and opening the path for the broad adoption of novel immersive technologies like virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) because it offers faster and more reliable data rates, lower latency, and a lower cost per bit. In this article, everything RF has listed some interesting 5G products that were trending on the website in August 2022.

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Up/Down Converter from 24.25 to 29.5 GHz for 5G Applications

The AWMF-0224 from Anokiwave is a Dual-Channel IF Up/Down Converter with an RF Frequency from 24.25 to 29.5 GHz. It integrates dual Tx single-sideband up-conversion, dual Rx image-reject down-conversion functionality, and an on-chip LO synthesizer that enables 2T2R applications within a single die. Read more.

Block Up/Down Converter from 24 to 29.5 GHz

The ADMV1017 from Analog Devices is a Silicon Germanium (SiGe) based Microwave Block Up/Down Converter with an RF Frequency range from 24 to 29.5 GHz. The up-converter offers two modes of frequency translation which include a direct conversion to RF from differential baseband (I/Q) input signals and single-sideband (SSB) up-conversion from complex intermediate frequency (IF) inputs. Read more.

4-Channel Beamforming IC for 5G Applications from 26.5 to 29.5 GHz

The MMW9012K from NXP is a 4-channel Analog Beamforming IC that operates from 26.5 to 29.5 GHz. It has an 8-bit phase and gain control with each channel consisting of a transmit chain and a receive chain. Both Tx and Rx chains have a buffer, a phase shifter, and a variable gain amplifier (VGA). The IC has on-chip power detectors that allow measuring the power levels on all antenna ports in Tx mode. Read more.

5G Beamformer Phased Array Antenna-in-Package from 37 to 41 GHz

The ECLIPSE3741 from Sivers Semiconductors is a 5G Beamformer Phased Array Antenna-in-Package (AiP) module that operates from 37 to 41 GHz covering the 5G FR2 n260 band. It is designed for 5G mm-Wave wireless infrastructure systems to enable easier implementation, lower cost, compact solution, and a higher data rate. Read more.

mmWave Tx/Rx Front End Module from 24.25 to 29.5 GHz

The MAMF-011099 from MACOM is a Tx/Rx Front End Module that operates from 24.25 to 29.5 GHz. It includes a low noise amplifier, power amplifier, switch, and switch driver. In the Tx path, it has a power amplifier with a gain of 21 dB and a switch. In the Rx path, it has a switch and LNA with a gain of 24 dB and a noise figure of 3.6 dB. Read more.

Multi-Band Tx-Rx Front End Module for 3G/4G/5G Mobile Devices

The SKY58096-11 from Skyworks is a Mid-Band (MB) and High-Band (HB) Front-End Module that supports 3G/4G/5G mobile devices. It has separate 3G/4G/5G PA blocks operating in the mid-bands and high-bands, a silicon controller containing the MIPI RFFE interface, RF band switches, MB and HB antenna switches, bi-directional couplers, and integrated filters. Read more.

Scanning Receiver Supports sub-8 GHz and mmWave Frequency Bands

The Gflex from PCTEL is a Scanning Receiver for multi-operator 2G/3G/4G/5G testing. It supports frequencies from 10 MHz to 8 GHz (Sub-8 GHz) and 24.26 – 44 GHz/47.2 – 48.2 GHz (mmWave) and can measure up to 120 5G channels. This receiver supports every 5G band defined in the 3GPP release 17 specification and can measure the entire 100 MHz 5G bandwidth. Read more.

Test System to Verify RF Parameters of 5G NR Devices

The S8714A from Keysight Technologies is a 5G Test Solution that can verify the RF performance of 5G NSA and SA devices with built-in 3GPP test cases. It automatically configures parameters according to 3GPP TS 38.521 for measurement and also allows quick modification of parameters essential for RF testing such as channel, band, and bandwidth. Read more.

Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer from 9 kHz to 27 GHz

The R5550 from thinkRF is a Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer that is built on innovative and highly optimizable software-defined radio technologies to provide more flexibility, greater coverage, and increased functionality. Designed and built for spectrum monitoring and deployment applications, this Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer provides improved spectral performance in a lightweight, fanless, and portable form factor while enabling in-depth analysis of complex and wideband waveforms in challenging spectrum environments. Read more.

CATR-Based OTA Test Chamber for 5G NR mmWave Signals

The R&S ATS1800C from Rohde & Schwarz is a CATR-based 5G-NR Over-The-Air (OTA) test chamber for measuring 5G NR mmWave signals from 23.5 to 44.3 GHz. This 3GPP-compliant chamber has a bidirectional parabolic reflector that collimates beams from the feed antenna or DUT and has a quiet zone of 30 cm or even 40 cm depending on the reflector size selected. Read more.

5G Open-Radio Unit for O-RAN Deployments

The A1001-RU-1 from AmpliTech is a 5G Open-Radio Unit (O-RU) for sub-6 GHz deployment from 2.496 to 2.69 GHz and 3.4 to 4.0 GHz. It utilizes GaN power amplifiers along with 64 phased array elements for digital beamforming. This O-RU consists of three main parts: the first is the Radio Frequency Processing Unit (RFPU) which includes the antennas, high power amplifiers, low noise amplifiers, duplexers, and other functions. Read more.

5G-Ready Radio-over-Fiber Link Up to 50 GHz

The Radio-over-Fiber (RoF) link from RF Spin is a radio-optical bridging solution. It enables radio signal transmission in frequency bands up to 50 GHz with minimal distortion and excellent performance. This high-tech and sophisticated system use a modular architecture. It can be used to convert radio signals to optical signals and vice-versa, thus effectively eliminating the difficulties associated with long-distance RF transmission. Read more.

5G-NR Automotive Module for Global Use Outside China

The UMNZ1 from Alps Alpine is a 5G-NR Module that is designed for automotive applications. It is backward compatible with 2G GSM, 3G WCDMA, and 4G LTE and supports 3GPP Release 15-compliant C-V2X features. This module can be used in combination with V2X systems and provides the capability to communicate and interact with everything around vehicles such as road infrastructure, other vehicles, and pedestrians. Read more.

5G/4G/3G Sub-6 GHz Module for IoT and eMBB Applications

The RM520N-GL from Quectel is a 5G/4G/3G Module that supports 5G NR Sub-6 GHz, 4G LTE-A, and 3G HSPA+ technologies. It supports both SA & NSA 5G modes and delivers an uplink data rate of up to 3.4 Gbps and a downlink data rate of up to 900 Mbps. This module supports 3GPP Release 16 technology and covers nearly all mainstream carriers worldwide. Read more.

5G Module with 4G/3G/2G Fallback for Automotive Applications

The RN93xx from Rolling Wireless is a 5G Module with a 4G (LTE Cat19)/3G/2G fallback designed for automotive applications. This module is tested for the automotive industry’s toughest specifications to deliver high quality and long lifespans under the hood. It provides a host of enhancements to automotive applications, including support for 5G Release-16, a high-performance multicore application processor, an integrated hardware engine for security features, and ASIL safety support. Read more.

Antenna Band Switch Evaluation Board from 698-960/1710-2170 MHz

The 1004795-EC646-01 from KYOCERA AVX is an Antenna Band Switch Evaluation Board that operates from 698 to 960 MHz (Low Band) and 1710 to 2170 MHz (High Band). It uses the standard FR4 embedded LTE antenna 1004795 with the EC646 chipset for band switching or aperture tuning. This antenna band switching solution can handle an input power of 2 W and has an average efficiency of up to 60%. Read more.

Surface-Mount Antenna from 617 to 3800 MHz for 4G/5G Applications

The Minima (SR4L075) from Antenova is a Surface-Mount Antenna that operates from 617 to 3800 MHz covering 4G and 5G bands. This linearly polarized antenna provides a peak gain of 4.3 dBi and has an average efficiency of more than 35%. It is available in an SMD package that measures 40.0 x 10.0 x 3.3 mm. Read more.

5G-NR Band Pass Filter with Passband from 27.5 to 28.5 GHz

The FT-BPF-n261-C from TMYTEK is a Band Pass Filter with a passband from 27.5 to 28.5 GHz covering the 5G-NR n261 band. It has a passband insertion loss of 4.1 dB and provides more than 25 dB of rejection above and below the passband. This filter is available in a RoHS-compliant package that measures 47.78 x 29.33 x 13.74 mm with 2.92 mm (female) connectors and is ideal for 5G communication, SATCOM, or radar applications. Read more.

10 W Band Reject Filter with Stopband from 26.5 to 29.5 GHz

The WRCX10-25000-26500-29500-31000-40CC from Wainwright Instruments is a Band Reject Filter for the 5G n257 Band. It has a stopband from 26.5 to 29.5 GHz and passbands from DC to 25 GHz and 31 to 36 GHz. The filter can handle a CW input power of 10 W, provides an attenuation of more than 40 dB in the stopband, and has a passband insertion loss of less than 2.5 dB. Read more.

5G mmWave Band Pass Filter with Passband from 37.5 to 40 GHz

The PSF39B03S from Nuvotronics is a Band Pass Filter with a passband from 37.5 to 40 GHz. It can handle a CW input power of 2 W and has an insertion loss of less than 2 dB in the passband. The filter provides more than 20 dB rejection above and below the passband and has steep filtering skirts that allow optimal utilization of the frequency band. Read more.

GaAs MMIC Power Amplifier from 26.5 to 29.5 GHz

The CMX90A702 from CML Microcircuits is a three-stage GaAs MMIC Power Amplifier that operates in the 5G FR2 band from 26.5 to 29.5 GHz. This power amplifier delivers an output P1dB of 26.7 dBm, a small signal gain of 22.5 dB, and a Power Added Efficiency (PAE) of 28%. It requires a DC supply of +4 V and consumes 182 mA of current. Read more.

65 GHz Ganged SMPM Cable Assembly for 5G Applications

The Magnum RF GC86 from Samtec is a Ganged, Multi-Position SMPM Cable Assembly that operates up to 65 GHz. It has 0.086-inch low-loss flexible microwave/millimeter wave cables with a minimum bend radius of 8.9 mm. This cable assembly has a high-density, space-saving design with a single row of connectors and a push-on interface for quick installation. Read more.

Multi-Operator 5G Distributed Antenna System from 3700 to 3980 MHz

The ALLIANCE from SOLiD is a Multi-Operator 5G Distributed Antenna System (DAS) that operates from 3700 to 3980 MHz. This modular, multi-operator DAS solution supports public safety communications, 2-way radio, and commercial wireless services -all delivered over a single fiber and common headend. It provides a flexible system architecture where any ALLIANCE remote can operate in the same system. Read more.

Flexible Sub-6 GHz Antenna for 5G/LTE and Wi-Fi 6E Applications

The CVL-WB2 from MobileMark is a Compact Covert 5G/LTE Antenna that is designed for Sub-6 GHz LTE/5G and Wi-Fi 6E applications. It operates from 617-960 MHz/1700-7200 MHz for 5G/LTE and can be used for Wi-Fi 6E in the 2.4, 5, and 6 GHz bands. This antenna provides a gain of 2 dBi and has a VSWR of less than 3:1. Read more.

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