Masach Offers the Largest Range of Standard RFI/EMI Shielding Products for High-Frequency Applications

Masach Offers the Largest Range of Standard RFI/EMI Shielding Products for High-Frequency Applications

Masach Tech has developed a large range of standard board-level EMI/RF Shielding solutions in different sizes. The company, based in Isreal was founded in 1994. They are globally recognized as a leading supplier of EMC/RF shielding solutions to some of the world’s largest electronic companies. They have a state-of-the-art facility where every step of the production cycle is executed. This includes the processing of raw materials using dedicated hydraulic presses and cutting-edge tool room assemblies.

Masach has a large selection of standard EMI/RFI shields for high-frequency and RF applications. The standard product offering saves customers time and money as no customizations are required in most cases. The drawn EMI/RFI shields perform well across key metrics. They have a seamless protective cage, robust construction, optimal planarity, and superior two-piece shield design.

With multiple material combinations, Masach serves the needs of every industrial sector, including telecom, medical devices, aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, energy, electronics, and agriculture.


With the continued advancements in telecommunication over the past many years, the number of telecom devices have accelerated exponentially. When combined with the rapid spread of IoT and Artificial Intelligence, product designers also need to account for interference and keeping the costs down. In antennas, mobile phones, GPS systems, etc. - RFI shields for telecom devices play an important role in avoiding/reducing interference for smooth operation of telecom/wireless devices.


EMI shielding in medical devices in a crucial factor, and it can also lead to life or death in certain situations. Current medical facilities extensively utilize equipments that rely on EM and RF, hence, introducing the possibility of interference and a risk of interference. Any possible interference can lead to error in calibration of these highly-sensitive equipments, therefore, arises the need for RF shields in medical equipments for the highest possible performance. Masach complies to the strictest global quality standards and offers nickel-silver shields in a wide variety of dimensions and configurations.


Aerospace industry is witnessing a consistent increase in electronics system used aboard various aircrafts due to rapid decrease in the size and weight of electronic components. Electronics systems are being increasingly used in all kinds of aircrafts, from satellites and spacecraft to military jets and private planes – and with increase in the electronic components emerges the need for EMI/RFI shielding. Along with the growing complexity of onboard systems, passengers also carry more electronic devices with them than ever before. These factors require engineers to develop durable, high-performing RF shielding solution for avionics. Safety systems, navigation systems, and environmental systems all require complete protection from interference to perform their mission-critical functions at peak levels. Hermetically sealed RF shields need to be built to last.


As is the case with most other industries, automotive manufacturers have also been integrating more and more electronics in their vehicles. Automotive engineers need to fit all required electronic systems in a fixed space – with the size of vehicles deciding the space available for the electronics systems.  Complex wiring can increase price and risk of possible malfunction which leads to greater reliance on wireless systems. Companies are introducing non-metal parts to the body of cars to lower manufacturing and fuel costs, which surrendering the car's ability to serve as a faraday cage. Therefore, engineers need to be more careful about shielding interior systems from external sources of interference.

EM/RF interference pose a big threat to automotive vehicles as they can lead to mishaps or even put lives at risk. Automotive engineers need the most durable EMI shields available as they need to withstand shifting temperatures, vibrations, and high impacts.


Industrial equipments and the concept of mass production machines are built on the supposed high-accuracy of those equipments. Downtimes in these industrial settings are costly and factories must be prepared to deal with such circumstances to effectively rectify such issues in a time-bound process. A variety of configurations for EMI shielding for industry can allow quick repairs.


Energy grids are increasingly incorporating alternative energies and utilizing data to increase sustainability and lower costs while adding new sources of energy. For all these modern advancements to work together in an environment, highly specific EMI shields are required for the energy sector.


As traditional incandescent bulbs are being rapidly replaced by high-performance and more efficient LED lights, there is a need of RF shields for LED lightings to offer high quality, low costs, and a wide variety of design options. LED lighting plays a role in a variety of other sectors, including the consumer electronics industry and the drivers of LED lights operate at high voltages which are extremely sensitive to electromagnetic interference.


The agriculture sector uses a wide range of sensors and wireless communication devices to gather data in order to improve communication between equipment in the field resulting in higher efficiencies. This sensitive equipment like metering spray nozzles and soil condition readers to Bluetooth-enabled tractors, must function in all environments and weather conditions. EMC/RFI shields can be used to protect sensitive agricultural equipment from moisture, dust, and bumps that are a part of farming.

Masach's unique drawn-seamless designs meet the requirements for the most sensitive equipment, while an unrivaled range of dimensions provides flexibility and convenience for every customer. They specialize in board-level EMI/RFI shielding design and production for small, medium, and large-scale runs.

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