Skyworks Adds Support for DRM+ to its Hybrid Software-Define Radio Automotive Tuners

Skyworks Adds Support for DRM+ to its Hybrid Software-Define Radio Automotive Tuners

Skyworks has added support for Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) for the FM (also known as DRM+) digital radio standard to its popular family of Si479xx Hybrid Software-Defined Radio (SDR) automotive tuners. The addition of DRM for FM capability meets the growing need of automotive radio manufacturers to support all global digital radio standards with a common platform. Support for DRM for FM applies to Si479x7 devices and select devices in the broader portfolio.

Skyworks is also enhancing the tuner family with IQMUX capability which simplifies the interface between the tuner and automotive system-on-chip (SoC) in SDR applications.

The Si479xx Hybrid SDR tuners allow automotive radio manufacturers to create a single, global design that is scalable from entry-level to high-end and configurable for regional radio standards. Skyworks’ automotive tuner portfolio provides best-in-class AM/FM receiver performance and supports all broadcast radio bands including AM, FM, Long Wave, Short Wave, Weather Band, HD Radio, DAB (Band III) and DRM.

Digital radio is a primary source of in-vehicle infotainment, providing improved reception, greater coverage and CD-like audio quality. The DRM standard offers a high-quality digital replacement for current analog radio standards operating in the AM and VHF bands. DRM supports two frequency bands: DRM for AM (also known as DRM30), operating up to 30 MHz, and DRM in VHF Bands (also known as DRM+), operating up to 300 MHz. DRM for AM is prevalent in India, where more than one million cars include DRM receivers. Trials of DRM for AM and DRM for FM have successfully been completed in Russia, South Africa, and elsewhere. HD Radio and Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) are predominant standards in the U.S. and Europe respectively.

Key Benefits of Si479x7:

  • Allows the automotive infotainment system manufacturer to develop a single design that can scale from low to high to address multiple product segments and can be configured for different regions
  • Reduces board space and system cost
  • Ensures good DRM for FM reception in poor signal conditions
  • Allows customer-added value

Key Features of Si479x7:

  • Pin/package and API compatibility with tuners supporting other digital broadcast standards
  • DRM for FM support on single and dual tuners
  • Small footprint and low system BOM
  • Advanced radio and audio signal processing

Radio Infotainment

Skyworks' family of automotive tuners and coprocessors leverages CMOS heritage and gives designers the ability to address every performance segment and major radio standard in the world. With their unrivaled scalable approach, OEM suppliers only pay for what they need, while gaining the ability to use the same hardware across multiple product lines with a common API. Skyworks' scalable pin-compatible architecture gives customers everything they need to design superior audio solutions.

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