Conduct RF Cascade Analysis Online with this Easy to Use Tool

Source: RFGraph

Conduct RF Cascade Analysis Online with this Easy to Use Tool

RFGraph is a new cascaded analysis software platform for RF system design. The software is hosted in a secure cloud and provides a new way to perform RF cascaded analysis. Engineers no longer need to use spreadsheets or complex tools, they can design and analyze RF systems in a modern easy-to-use environment using RFGraph.

This full-featured software is an online editor/canvas where complete RF systems can be built by dragging and dropping blocks and connecting them to each other. The properties of each block can be customized and the result of the simulation can be seen in real-time.

The tool automatically calculates compression-aware gain, noise figure, independent splitter and combiner branches, and other parameters necessary for RF system design. For advanced splitter/combiner simulations, each leg of a split path carries its own compression, noise, and gain parameters. The compression knee (P1dB) and saturation point (Psat) cab easily be modified via the parameter interface. A backoff power level can be set; when this level is exceeded, the stage will turn yellow. When the level exceeds P1dB, the stage will turn red.

“Like most RF engineers, I have had to maintain a very expensive simulation license or resort to spreadsheets for my cascade analysis,” said Steve Massey, Founder and CTO.  “I was compelled to build this easy-to-use tool to more quickly perform RF system design and build visually stunning presentation.” 

Dan Myer, CEO of Communication Products Corporation, commented "RFGraph fills an unmet need in RF system design by providing a graphic-rich cloud-based application for cascaded analysis.” 

The RFGraph tool is priced $9 per month. A free 30-day trial is available. Click here to register and try it out.

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