EISO Enterprises Providing Workable Alternatives to Reduce Costs and Lead-Times for RF & Microwave PCBs

EISO Enterprises Providing Workable Alternatives to Reduce Costs and Lead-Times for RF & Microwave PCBs

EISO Enterprise, a public listed PCB manufacturer in Taiwan, has found workable alternatives to reduce the costs and lead-times on RF/Microwave PCB materials which will potentially change the selection process for Engineers and designers.

For many RF designers and engineers alike, the typical/standard low loss reinforced glass/hydrocarbon material might seem to be an obvious choice, but when it gets down to board fabrication, they realize that things could be a lot more complicated than they expected. 

Availability of the “typical” materials is a major issue. In some cases, where the materials are manufactured exclusively in few locations and where the volume customers are king, the companies that require smaller quantities face lead-times of 8 weeks or more. Cost is another factor that is defined by availability and as scarcity increases so does the sheet price making material selection a complex issue for designers outside of the performance characteristics.

EISO Enterprise has been focusing on manufacturing PCBs for RF/microwave, high-speed-digital (HSD), and power circuits where many boards have strict requirements on the characteristics of the base materials. The Taiwanese manufacturer has worked with their clients to find suitable alternatives that not only satisfy the demanding mechanical and electrical features but also reduce the costs and lead time along the way simplifying the material choice for designer and engineer alike.

PegaClad and ThunderClad series from Taiwan Union Technology Corporation (TUC) are example of workable materials with excellent electrical and thermal properties that hit the mark for PCBs used in 5G telecommunication, Aerospace, Microwave and RF applications” said Joy Shih, Senior VP in R&D from EISO. Based on EISO’s experiences, this could really offer benefits in product delivery times as well as cost savings on critical projects.

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