ViaLite’s RF-over-Fiber Links Ensure Reliability for Emergency Support Services

ViaLite’s RF-over-Fiber Links Ensure Reliability for Emergency Support Services

ViaLite is providing its  RF over Fiber links to Global Medical Response (GMR), in Dallas, Texas for their Femtocell cellular base stations. They are using these high-accuracy GPS location and timing signals to help provide emergency support services. GMR is known for delivering compassionate, quality medical care at a moment’s notice, primarily in the areas of emergency and patient relocation services in the United States and around the world.

The highly reliable system chosen by the company in support of their work consists of a ViaLite GPS Link which sends the GPS and timing signals from the rooftop antenna down an optical fiber to a Local Integrated GPS Splitter in the building. This splitter then distributes the timing data to multiple femtocells.

“The efficiency of ViaLite’s signal distribution techniques is second to none, and in this emergency support application, when action at a moment’s notice can be vital, our equipment’s reliability and performance are crucial,” explained Craig Somach, ViaLite Director of Sales.

Use of the high-tech splitter, which features a built-in Monitoring and Control Module, also eliminates the need to install multiple antennas on the rooftop, avoiding the appearance of an ‘antenna farm’.

Dan Cottom, Senior Manager Communication Systems at GMR said: “As a first-time customer, we found the deployment was as smooth and simple as ViaLite had promised. The GPS distribution is working great.”

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