Marki Microwave Expands mmWave Portfolio with High Performance Integrated Drive Mixers

Marki Microwave Expands mmWave Portfolio with High Performance Integrated Drive Mixers

Marki Microwave, an innovator in the radio frequency and microwave industry for over 30 years, has announced the expansion of its millimeter wave (mmWave) portfolio with a series of leading-edge mixers featuring integrated local oscillator (LO) drivers. Ideal for space-constrained applications requiring wide bandwidths and operation at mmWave frequencies, the integrated drive mixers reduce the size, weight, power and cost (SWaP-C) while simplifying overall integration of the LO path for ease of use and optimized performance.

“For customers needing to realize the best performance in a small footprint with reduced design effort, our latest integrated drive mixers are game changers,” said Duncan Pilgrim, vice president of sales and marketing at Marki Microwave. “The designs deliver high performance across a wide bandwidth with reduced drive requirements, promising ease of use in a traditionally complex design space.”

The MM1A-0832HPSM, MM1A-1040HPSM and MM1A-1855HPSM are versatile, broadband double-balanced mixers featuring an integrated LO driver amplifier, which allows for operation with LO powers as low as -6 dBm. Unlike traditional industry solutions using discrete packages, which often suffer from subpar performance, Marki Microwave’s co-packaging utilizes optimal die technology for the amplifier and mixer functions. The new technique eliminates the need for a separate amplifier and mixer interface, minimizing design costs without sacrificing performance across the operating bandwidth. The new integrated drive mixers’ exceptional conversion loss and linearity combined with their compact footprint make the parts an ideal solution for high-performance test and measurement, aerospace and defense, telecom infrastructure and satellite designs.


The MM1A-0832HPSM, MM1A-1040HPSM and MM1A-1855HPSM will be available in October in 3 x 4.6 mm QFN packages.

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