Spectrohm Using AI and RF Technology to Identify Threats in Packages and Mail

Spectrohm Using AI and RF Technology to Identify Threats in Packages and Mail

Spectrohm, a company building novel radio frequency (RF) inspection technology, has partnered with the Wireless Research Center of North Carolina (WRC), the leading independent, private nonprofit research center dedicated to RF research and engineering. Founded in 2018, Spectrohm uses RF to identify threats at the speed of commerce. Spectrohm's partnership with WRC will leverage WRC's unmatched capabilities to accelerate the deployment of a high-speed, fully autonomous screening system for US Government customers that will image and identify potential threats in packages and mail. 

"This partnership is a game-changer for Spectrohm," commented Leo Ludwick, Director of Engineering at Spectrohm, "WRC has helped clients deliver some of the world's most iconic wireless systems. We're excited to partner on the real-world challenges of commercialization."

WRC is providing RF engineering and testing to help drive Spectrohm's artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms. "It is exciting to collaborate with Spectrohm on this visionary technology," said WRC Senior Engineer John Swartz, who leads the WRC's Government and Public Safety initiative. "We are fortunate to work together on this new imaging technique that has significant application for public safety and homeland security."

Organizations using AI increasingly rely on high-quality sensor data to automate threat detection. Spectrohm's patented RF imaging supercharges AI's ability to identify package contents like explosives, drugs, and contraband. "Using 'long' radio wavelengths gives us the RF 'color' to both see and identify threats," said Tim Cargol, Spectrohm's founder and CEO. "These colors give AI the extra data it needs to quickly and accurately identify threats."

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