NETGEAR Selects Litepoint's IQxel Test Platform to Evaluate its Wi-Fi 7 Solutions

NETGEAR Selects Litepoint's IQxel Test Platform to Evaluate its Wi-Fi 7 Solutions

LitePoint, a provider of wireless test solutions, announced that NETGEAR has selected LitePoint’s IQxel-MX test platform to accelerate design verification and optimization of its next-generation Wi-Fi 7 solutions. Wi-Fi 7 is the latest and most powerful Wi-Fi standard to date. It meets the high data rates and low latency required by gaming, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). Wi-Fi 7 delivers the best experience for these immersive applications.

“NETGEAR continues to lead with best-in-class Wi-Fi products using the latest Wi-Fi technology. The collaboration between LitePoint and NETGEAR ensures we will get our Wi-Fi 7 products to market quickly and with high quality,” said Joseph Emmanuel, Vice President Wireless Engineering at NETGEAR.

LitePoint’s long history of Wi-Fi test leadership and partnerships with leading chipset providers ensures that the IQxel-MX is out-of-the-box ready to thoroughly test Wi-Fi 7 products with the highest performance. NETGEAR, a leading provider of advanced networking products for homes, businesses, and service providers relies on the IQxel-MX to verify that its Wi-Fi products deliver the fastest Wi-Fi performance and work in their customers’ hands the way they were designed.

“LitePoint supports all the Wi-Fi 7 chipsets and supplies turnkey test automation that shortens design cycle times. This allows our customers to focus on optimizing their product performance and getting to market quickly with high confidence,” said John Lukez, Vice President LitePoint Applications. “The IQxel-MX platform delivers industry-leading radio frequency (RF) measurement performance, critical to accurately characterize the wide bandwidth and high modulation rate of Wi-Fi 7. In addition, the platform provides support for validation of advanced features such as multi-link operation and higher order MIMO, vital to ensuring high speeds and low latency.”

Features of IQxel-MX Test System

The IQxel-MX is a fully integrated RF PHY test solution with signal generation and analysis combined in a single tester, supporting a continuous frequency range from 400 MHz to 7.3 GHz. With an analysis bandwidth of 320 MHz and best-in-class residual Error Vector Magnitude (EVM) floor, this unique signal combination architecture supports MLO without external hardware, and high order MIMO testing. The IQxel-MX addresses the requirements of the IEEE 802.11be (Wi-Fi 7), 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6, Wi-Fi 6E) and IEEE 802.11 legacy specifications, as well as a full range of connectivity standards (Bluetooth 5.x, Zigbee, Z-Wave).

For faster time to market, turnkey IQfact+™ software solutions offer customized testing of leading chipsets and enable thorough design verification and rapid volume manufacturing with minimal engineering effort.

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