Signal Microwave Introduces De-Embedding Plug & Play Kit with Test Boards that Operate up to 70 GHz

Signal Microwave Introduces De-Embedding Plug & Play Kit with Test Boards that Operate up to 70 GHz

Signal Microwave, a designer and builder of RF/microwave connectors and test boards, has introduced plug-and-play De-embedding Kit. The De-embedding Kit can be used for evaluating de-embedding software from different vendors, verify consistency of measurements after software upgrades and training tool for learning how to use different de-embedding techniques. Signal Microwave provides DXF files for each of the test coupons, for importing into simulation tools.

This de-embedding kit includes 70 GHz test boards, 2.92 mm, 2.40 mm or 1.85 mm connectors, and a flush short, all using our own designed and manufactured boards and connectors. It is implemented on a Rogers 4003 dielectric with a NiAu plating (minimum of 75 μm Au thickness). The kit includes nine boards and a flush short. The boards are variations of the following five board types.

  1. 6 cm DUT Microstrip
    The de-embedded kit takes a known DUT which can be directly measured, and the results saved. The data for the DUT is established at NIST traceable reference planes and therefore is repeatable.
  2. 6 cm Test Fixture
    A set of 2 test fixtures with good performance can be measured and de-embedding files created. The de-embedding algorithm is applied and the resultant DUT data can be compared to the directly measured DUT data.
  3. 6 cm 105% ZØ Test Fixture
    A degraded set of fixtures with 105% impedance is also included to challenge the de-embedding algorithm.
  4. 2 Vias Test Fixture
    A third set of fixtures with the microstrip line starting on top of the board then transitioning to the bottom of the board and back on top again is included. These will further challenge the de-embedding algorithm.
  5. Beatty Standard DUT
    A “Beatty” standard line of 50-ohm /25-ohm /50-ohm impedance is also available as a DUT and can be used to verify TDR measurement de-embedding.

This Plug & Play De-embedding Kit Supports the IEEE–P370 standard. Click here for more details on the De-Embedding Plug and Play Kit.

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