CETECOM Opens a New Lab Dedicated to Proof-of-concept Validation of Automotive Components

CETECOM Opens a New Lab Dedicated to Proof-of-concept Validation of Automotive Components

CETECOM has announced the establishment of the world's first Automotive Experience Lab. With more than 25 years of experience in testing and certifying RF devices, CETECOM leads this project, that will enable automotive engineers to validate component-level hardware designs during the HIL phase. With early access to cutting-edge test equipment, automotive application teams can significantly reduce design time, saving development costs and getting their product to market more quickly.

This cutting-edge testing facility opened in Silicon Valley on November 1, 2022 and is intended as a proof-of-concept lab for automotive application testing in a simulated environment.

CETECOM USA Managing Director, Praveena Anand-Kumar says, “Our established presence in Silicon Valley enables us to keep our finger on the pulse of the connected automotive industry. CETECOM’s AEL will be providing an innovative environment for engineers to design and develop automotive components alongside our experts and testing partners, to get their products to market faster.”

Supporting CETECOM in the Automotive Experience Lab are two well-known names in the connectivity industry: Anritsu, leader in advanced wireless test and measure equipment and dSPACE, a sought-after partner in the development of innovative vehicle technology. 

Adnan Khan, Director of Technology and Market Development at Anritsu adds, “We are witnessing a revolution in the connected automotive space. Through proper testing in the AEL, the entire ecosystem can gain confidence in their products even before specifications are standardized.”

AEL Provides Testing Solutions for Emerging Technologies

CETECOM’s wireless specialists will be on-site, guiding customers on how to use the test equipment and providing consulting services. Currently, the AEL will house Anritsu’s advanced 5G test equipment along with dSPACE’s software simulation for telematics control unit (TCU) testing. These sophisticated tools will enable engineers to conduct a variety of validation tests, saving time and money.

Peter Waeltermann, the President of dSPACE, explains that “Combining dSPACE’s sensor simulation environment, AURELION, with Anritsu’s Radio Communication Test Station enables CETECOM to provide back-to-back testing capabilities for dynamic test scenarios in closed loop. Customers benefit from higher levels of integration and coverage during 5G and EMC testing.”

CETECOM plans to introduce a wide range of wireless automotive tests to help customers move quickly through the development phase and smooth out the certification process further down the road.

The Automotive Experience Lab is unique within the ecosystem of partners who develop technology for the automotive industry. Typically, due to the expense of wireless testing equipment, engineers are often years into component development before they can get design validation at the “HIL” phase. The AEL is designed to meet that critical need.

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